102-Year-Old Woman Says Drinking Beer is the Secret to Long Life

Mildred Bowers, of Mount Pleasant, SC reached the hundred in her life-span and contributes her longevity to the consumption of beer. On her 102nd birthday she was interviewed by the WCSC Live 5 News revealing the secret of long life. This amazing lady states that although it is all about the genes and it also about drinking a glass of beer every day.

Millie was born in a family with eight sisters, but she was the only one who did not have children. She was married twice and outlived both her husbands and also lived through the Great Depression.

This lady, that her friends call “Millie”, looks very nice even though she is over hundred. She is still in good health with clear mind, which most her peers do not have. Millie is not some wrinkled old lady but a nice looking one with clear and soft skin.

Nowadays she resides in assisted living facility where she is still allowed to have a glass of beer every day at four o’clock. The doctor approved this consumption as he found out that it does not bring any harm to Millie.

While she was having her birthday party at a restaurant, her friends ordered her a beer, and Millie for the first time posed for one cell phone selfie. This lady says that if you are not a fan of beer, you can drink another beverage that you like, but the trick is to sit down and relax and enjoy your drink every day.

So, if you strive for longevity, try to relax and drink your favorite beverage. Cheers to that!





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