See How We Heat Up a Sock with Sea Salt to Treat Earache & Infection

Our ears are very prone to earaches and ear infections that can be painful and irritating. These conditions are common in small children and they can cause unbearable pain. Adults also suffer from them and the pain is sometimes so severe that the affected person cannot sleep, or even eat.

Ear pain results from ear infections and as a result of the ongoing inflammation and buildup of pressure the pain becomes so intense. However, other conditions can as well as trigger ear pain such as sinus pressure or a sore throat.

The common treatments for ear pain include the use of eardrops, antibiotics, or other medicaments. Yet, there is a simple natural remedy that has been proven to be very effective in treating ear pain for centuries, and that is warm sock filled with sea salt.

Here it is how to apply this remedy:

The Salt Sock Remedy

Needed Things:

  • 1 cotton sock
  • 1 ½ cup of sea salt


Here it is how your sock gets warm:

First you need to warm a skillet on the stove over medium heat, and then place the sock filled with sea salt, but make sure that is tied nicely. Next, put it in a pan, and leave it for 4 to 6 minutes. Once warmed enough place it on the affected ear and thanks to the released heat it will relieve the pain, heal the infection, and absorb the presence of any toxins.

This remedy is effective as it can act as an antiseptic and help with the removal of moisture from the ear.

This trick is very effective for children and adults. Moreover, it is natural, not expensive and effective way to treat an ear infection or pain. Next time, when experiencing such pain turn to the use of this simple, but effective natural method!


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