Effective Natural Remedy to Eliminate Parasites from Your Digestive Tract

Natural remedies are of great value for the treatment of many diseases and have been proven to be very effective as people used them for ages.

For instance, the benefits of the cloves are numerous and because of that have been widely used by people for thousands of years for the treatment of many diseases and parasitic infections. In this article we shall present you an effective remedy that will help you in the removal of intestinal parasites.

Intestinal Parasites

These parasites are organisms that inhabit the digestive tract and mainly they are found in a form of tapeworms and worms. The body is being infested through the oral cavity. This condition can be treated easily once the first symptoms appear, but if the infection evolves silently and turns into a chronicle condition that can be the origin of many other serious health issues.

3 Forms of Intestinal Parasitosis

  1. Tapeworms – or otherwise recognized as solitary worms enter the body through the consumption of undercooked beef or pork, water and infected plants.
  2. Roundworms – is a form of parasitosis can be present both in humans and in some animals like pigs and horses. These worms settle at the upper part of the small intestine and there can be daily 200,000 eggs that are being ejected by the feces of the infected person. Yet, there can be cases when they end up blocking the intestines and thus causing vomiting.
  3. Pinworms – are common type of parasitosis as the affected person gets infected by air, water, or physical contact. This form is commonly present around the colon and rectum. During night hours the female lodges in the perianal region to lay her eggs as a result of which the affected person may experience itching due to the parasite allergenic proteins.

Remedy against Intestinal Parasitosis

Required Ingredients:

  • 10 grams of cloves
  • 100 grams of flaxseed


Just combine the flax seeds with cloves in a spice mill so that you obtain a fine powdery form.


Take this remedy every morning for 3 days in a row. For that purpose dilute 2 tablespoons of the preparation in a large glass of water or you can simply add it into your breakfast meal. Make a break of three days, and after that continue with the treatment for three more days.

Benefits of the Used Ingredients


Cloves are known for their amazing medicinal properties, especially the clove essential oils. These oils show powerful antimicrobial potency in the treatment of intestinal parasites. Likewise, they reveal strong anti-inflammatory action that can alleviate the inflammation as a result of the piling up of these parasites in the intestine. Cloves also have in their content phenolic elements that support lipid metabolism and help more in burning fat as part of a weight loss project.

Flax seeds

These seeds are great solution for the constipation thus becoming a great element for the ejection of parasites through the stool. They are rich in fiber and have a positive impact on the metabolic health preventing the occurrence of obesity.


Children under 12 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use cloves. Cloves should be consumed moderately.

People with intestinal diverticula are not allowed to consume flax seeds.


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