What Does Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality?

Our hands are specific marked with various lines that symbolize our personality, faith and destiny at least that is what the practice of palmistry believes. This is an ancient practice that analyzes the fingers and lines of the palm in order to predict the future of the person. The analysis of the hands tells various aspects of the personality and as well as the heart, life, health and money.

In this article we shall reveal to you what the lines of your hands mean. These lines are unique and they are being created even in the womb of our mother in order to protect the skin of the hands against the aggressions of the everyday life.

In terms of palmistry most people refer to the symbols of the heart line and what it symbolizes and presents. Yet, palmistry can tell even more than this interpretation. The lines can tell a lot about you traits of character and vision of life. Follow reading and find out what the lines truly show.

  1. The Heart Line

This line is the most popular one as it tells a lot about the emotional life. The heart line crosses the upper part of the palm in a horizontal way, and if it is deep and visible, then you are dealing with an individual that is faithful, dedicated, and sensitive. On the other hand a broken or thin line means that this individual is emotionally unstable and weak.

  1. The Top Line or Gallows

The top line starts from the top of the lifeline between the thumb and forefinger. This line reveals how a particular individual is aware of his or hers cognitive abilities like memory, concentration, reason and analysis. If the top line is straight and clear, then this person is with a strong will and great ability to focus and concentrate. When the line is thin and broken, then this means that you are dealing with a proud and often confused person.

  1. The Life Line

The life line represents one’s resistance to hardships in life. In the hand it is manifested as a wide arc that encompasses the thumb. If the life line is deep and apparent, then this individual is capable to quickly recover from failures. A thin line indicates an individual with low energy state and fragile resilience.

  1. The Luck Line

This is the least visible line and not every person has it. It goes from the wrist and if you have it, then you are for sure a very creative person with high chances of becoming a celebrity.

  1. The Health Line

It is called the health line as it represents the state of the person’s health, however if it does not exist it does not mean that the health will be fragile. It is lodged at the level of the life line ending towards the little finger. This line reflects the state of the liver and the digestive system. If the line is a deep and obvious that means that this individual has optimal health. A line that is interspersed by small lines indicates that the individual will experience minimal health issues. If the line is interspersed with several lines, then this indicates the occurrence of more severe health issues.

  1. The Destiny or the Saturn Line

It starts near the wrist and if there is a change in its appearance, then this means a new life cycle. If the line is deep and clear, then this person can withstand any changes in life. If the line is weak, then the person lacks confidence and will experience great difficulties in reaching the wanted success.

According to palmists not only the lines, but as well as the proportion of fingers, the color of the hands, the nails and fingerprints reveal more detailed characteristics of the person and its life.


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