Delicious Drink Recipe That Eliminates Headaches and Anxieties in Minutes

Many people fight with headaches and migraines on daily basis that can last for 4 or 72 hours. This really depends on the person, but nonetheless they can be really annoying and discomforting.

Anxiety is another issue that worries many people that can as well as trigger the onset of various types of headaches. We all lead hectic life filled with stress, pressure, deadlines, and responsibilities that contribute to the occurrence of migraines and headaches. Their intensity can vary from one person to another and can get triggered by emotional fatigue or anxious state.

Migraines can be very painful and debilitating, especially when experienced on daily basis, and can cause vomiting. The emotional state of the patient takes a great role in how much these occurrences will last. Hence, the formula that we are about to present will be of great assistance in alleviating these conditions.

Lavender is the magical ingredient that will help in the treatment of anxiety and harsh headaches. Thanks to the use of this ingredient you will experience great harmony and fight against the pain.

Health Benefits of Lavender

  1. A powerful anti-stress agent

This plant with amazing aroma is an incredible natural remedy offering the needed relaxation. The lavender essential oil is a staple ingredient in aromatherapy thus alleviating anxiety and insomnia. As per the findings of a conducted study, released in the scientific journal The Mental Health Clinician, lavender has the ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system as it slows down the respiratory activity and the heart rate.

  1. Migraine treatment

Due to its soothing effects, this plant will fight off the migraine. In addition to this, the lavender essential oil shows antihypertensive and analgesic features and because of that ensure having a few drops of it into your diffuser.

Health Benefits of Lemon

  1. Fights migraine

The body needs its electrolytes and if there is a sudden drop, then a migraine attack can appear. The lack of organic minerals will stimulate the occurrence of painful and disabling headaches. The lemon can relieve the pain of migraine attacks and regulate the ions in the nervous system. Its inclusion in the daily drinks will help in the removal of stubborn headaches.

  1. Betters mood

Changes of mood can be a result of anxiety and because of that in aromatherapy; the lemon is used to alleviate patients with depression and serious anxiety. Due to the content of vitamin C, the lemon can regulate the levels of cortisol, a hormone accountable for stress.

Health Benefits of Honey

  1. Relieves migraines

Honey is a great natural remedy for the treatment of migraines. This amazing bee product shows anti-inflammatory and analgesic action properties that help in the reduction of the intense pain resulting from these attacks.

  1. Improves mood

It is high in vitamin B and trace elements that help in better mood. As per the findings of an in-vivo scientific experiment, this product reveals anxiolytic and relaxing properties. Therefore, make sure to add a few drops of honey in your hot beverages.

A Recipe of an Anti-Migraine Remedy

When purchasing the ingredients for this remedy, make certain that they are organic. In the case of lavender essential oil choose the bottle that says “edible” on it.


  • 6 lemons
  • 12 cups of filtered water
  • 1 cup of pure honey
  • 4 branches of lavender
  • A drop of lavender essential oil

Method of Preparation:

Put all the ingredients in the filtered water, and leave it to stand for an hour in the fridge.


In cases of burns and stomach ulcers the use of lemon is not advised. Lavender should not be taken in the first three months of pregnancy.

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