The Location of Your Moles Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

The physical appearance of our body shows so many data and information about our true personality. The moles that are present on our body can reveal certain traits of our personality in the deepest way.

The location of the moles will offer a deep introspective in what the traits of our character really represent. This is an interesting way to find out about certain characteristics about our own personality. The genes shape our physical appearance and as well as our psychic. In fact, every tiny part in the body tells something about us.

Position of Moles Tells Something about You

  1. Mole on the mouth

This says that you are an anxious person and everything that surrounds you makes you frightened. As a result of that you are making bad choices and you cannot cope with the daily hazards which will make you even more prone to different dependencies. This will make you to consume more food in order to forget your emotions and thus collect various love conquests. Hence, make sure to breathe, calm down and find a way how to properly take care of yourself.

  1. Mole on the upper lip

You are a friendly person and everyone likes and appreciates you from the heart. This notion is not without making any effort which for you in fact is not an effort at all but a pleasure. You truly want to make your friends laugh, and offer them support and motivation that they need from time to time. However, this can be taken as an advantage from other people and because of that be careful and be there only for the people who really care about you.

  1. Mole on the nose

This physical trait indicates that you are very naive believing in everything other people tell you. This can lead to constant disappointment and because of that you need to find a way how to distinct the truth from the wrong. You need to learn, observe and analyze the intentions of others in order not to be let down.

  1. Mole on the cheekbone(s)

Financial issues are not news to you as you have a tendency to satisfy all your wishes without considering the consequences. You are incapable in managing your expenses which leaves you in the open at the end of the month. Therefore, prior shopping you need to have a plan of what you really need and do not opt for the expensive items that can bring you only headaches.

  1. Mole above the eyebrows

You are an intelligent person with a great ability to reflect and analyze on things. Yet, aside these incredible qualities you sometimes doubt your skills and leave the decision-making to other people. You can be successful if you just follow your intuition and believe in yourself.

  1. Mole on the eyelid

You easily get in conflict with the people that surround you and because of that you like your solitude feeling safe in your comfort zone. You are in fact a shy person that experiences difficulties in revealing your emotions. Therefore, you need to find a way how to let go and reveal your wounds to ease your consciousness.

  1. Mole on the front

You are a born leader and people have the tendency to follow you. You are responsible and trustworthy person and because of that you have strong social relationships based on absolute trust. In addition to this, you are a creative soul that reveals always new ideas and because of that you should have your own business that will fully fulfill you and thus prove to the world that you are one of the best people for a particular job.

  1. Mole on the chin

New adventures are something that you always strive to have. You are playful, never letting the negative influence of people to affect you. Laughing is your trait mark and you enjoy all the pleasures that the world offers. Yet, you are spending too much time on trivial things, and in order to get the most of life that offers you should set your own life goals and try to have a charted map.

  1. Mole on the ears

This tells that you are very intelligent person and you are fully aware of that. You have the great ability to solve things and issues. You should keep the path of knowledge and keep your ideas and experiences that positively affect other people.

  1. Mole on the neck

You are a generous person but also very sincere one. You have the tendency to reveal everything you are thinking about without experiencing any worry about how the spoken words will affect other people. In the end, you will hurt your loved ones, which is something that you do not like, therefore, try to be less direct and use the right words, even when criticizing someone.

  1. Mole on the foot

You are a person that wants and likes to travel and on those journeys to meet new people and cultures. Although you are a very passionate and curious person the reason always catches you up, especially if you have set obligations that you need to fulfill.

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