Amazing Black Lemonade Recipe That Completely Detoxifies the Body and Whitens Teeth

Your body needs to be detoxified from time to time in order to function accordingly. Thanks to this process the body will get deeply cleansed allowing great body function.

The most appraised body detox is the one of the consumption of lemon water. This solution will provide you with the needed nutrients and along with a balanced diet it will boost the function of your immunity, protect your liver, regulate the digestive system, and provide you with many other benefits for proper body function.

The preparation of this solution is really easy offering plenty of amazing properties and become your incredible ally in the fight against numerous diseases. Lemons arte easily available and its regular consumption as a first thing in the morning will reveal a wide range of positive effects. It will give you that radiant smile that will not pass unnoticeable and as swell as that amazing whiteness of your teeth.

Health Benefits of the Lemon

  1. Liver protection

The lemons reveal incredible purification potential becoming an incredible detox agent. It is packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to battle against the damaging free radicals accountable for the onset of many diseases. As per a conducted study, the lemon will protect the liver especially while the consumption of alcohol.

  1. A slimming agent

There is nothing better for achieving weight loss with the intake of lemon water. Exclude every variety of a soft drink and start drinking lemon water. It will prepare your body for weight loss, and the content of vitamin C will lower the level of cortisol in the body. This hormone supports the storage of fat. There is also the content of polyphenols in lemon that contribute to the weight loss.

  1. An efficient remedy against colds

Due to the high content of vitamin C your body will experience higher energy levels. In addition to this it will successfully fight off colds and protect the body from their occurrence as a result of its potent anti-inflammatory action. It is of great help even when experiencing a cold as its intake will reduce the symptoms and their duration. As per the findings of the Mayo Clinic, the lemon intake will substantially lower the duration of the cold-related symptoms.

Health Benefits of Activated Carbon

  1. Deep body detox

The natural activated coal demonstrates purifying properties as it has in its content negative ions that capture the bacteria that cause the disease. As per a conducted study, coal has the ability to absorb the xenobiotics, toxic molecules that are found in the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. White and healthy teeth

The teeth can easily lose their natural whiteness if we consume plenty of coffee or if there is a build-up of tartar on their enamel. On the other hand, the coal is known for its whitening and anti-scale properties. Therefore, the use of charcoal will detox the enamel as a result of its abrasive potential.

Recipe of a Lemon Black Lemonade

For optimal effects make certain to use only organic ingredients.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 glass of lemon juice
  • 1 glass of filtered water
  • 2 active charcoal capsules
  • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, optional use

Method of Preparation:

It is rather easy, just mix all the listed ingredients and put it in a fridge to stand for half an hour.

Use: Consume a glass of this beverage in the morning on an empty stomach for a week.


In case of stomach ulcers and burns lemon should not be used.

Activated charcoal needs to be used moderately as it can weaken the dental enamel.

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