12 Slimming Friendly Foods You Can Eat to Lose Weight Faster

The type of diet is the main cause for weight gain, and consequently comes the idea that weight loss can be initiated by the change of diet. Fatty and sugary foods are the main reason for gaining weight and because of that we should introduce foods that are nutritious and healthy that will promote good health and optimal weight loss. In this article we shall present you 12 slimming foods.

Foods for Quick Weight Loss

  1. Avocado

The food ingredient is of great assistance in the weight loss process. As per a conducted study released in Nutrients, the regular intake of avocados can lower the weight index in adults. Thanks to its consumption the chances of overweight or obesity can get significantly decreased.

  1. Apple

This fruit has in its content pectin which is a soluble fiber that elevates the feeling of satiety. This fiber is very effective in offering the feeling of fullness, as it has the ability to stop the hunger for around 1-2 hours more than the intake of regular fiber. In this way, its consumption will contribute to weight decrease by limiting the intake of other foods.

  1. Brazilian nuts

These nuts support the work of the metabolism as they are high in selenium which is essential for the production of the thyroid hormone, DNA synthesis, metabolism, and as well as protects the body against oxidative stress and inflammation. In addition to all this, researchers have confirmed the potent ability of this antioxidant in the burning of fat.

  1. Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes are packed with fiber and because of that offer incredible feeling of fullness. This satiety will prevent you from eating more than needed which will eventually contribute to weight loss.

  1. Broccoli

This green veggie has in its content sulforaphane, a substance that stimulates weight loss. As per the findings of a conducted study released in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, the content of sulforaphane stimulates the enzymes to accelerate the metabolism and thus help in the weight loss process.

Aside broccoli, there are other vegetables that are packed with sulforaphane like kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green cabbage, and radishes.

  1. Beef fed on grass

Beef that has been fed organically has in its content plenty of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a fatty acid that assists in fat burning. According to a conducted study released in The Journal of Lipid Research, the intake of conjugated linoleic acid helped the participants in this study to lose 9% of their body fat without any change of diet or increase of physical activity.

  1. Cheese

Calcium stimulates the process of weight loss and because of that cheese is the beneficial food for weight loss. As per a conducted study released in the British Journal of Nutrition, people who take in more calcium while a weight loss diet managed to lose 6 times more belly fat and two times more weight than people who were lacking calcium in their diet.

  1. Chili pepper

The chili pepper contains capsaicin which is the key compound in pepper with incredible slimming properties. According to a conducted study released in Bioscience Reports, capsaicin has the ability to lower the appetite and elevate the satiety.

  1. Guava

This plant is high in vitamin C, and as per the findings of a conducted study released in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the proper intake of vitamin C along with regular physical activity, can help in burning 30% of the fat.

  1. Plantain or green bananas

This type of bananas has in their content resistant starch that aids in the battle against fat storage. As per a performed study released in Nutrition & Metabolism, the intake of resistant starch in the long run will gradually decrease fat build-up.

  1. Oats

This grain is the ideal food ingredient that initiates the feeling of satiety that offers the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. The reason for that is that it contains plenty of fiber. As per a conducted study by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the intake of fiber will help in lowering belly fat.

  1. Fish

Salmon, cod, tuna and sardines are fish which consumption will help in the weight loss by regulating leptin, a hormone that controls and suppresses the appetite. As per a conducted study released in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, the intake of cod during the 8-week period will result in a weight loss of 1.7 kg. This will be of great assistance for people who have issues with overweight or obesity.


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