Losing a Pet Hurts More Than People Think

Pets bring a special meaning to a person’s life and if you own one you are more than aware of that. They bring joy and tranquility in our lives, waiting us eagerly at the front door and being happy just to see us.

Pets offer their unconditional love and children adore them as they are always ready for a play or fulfilling certain tricks and  stunts that all amaze us.

Pets can immediately detect when we are feeling sad or blue and try to make us feel joyful. People who live alone are very much attached to their pets as they are their companion that offers the needed comfort and happiness. So, when a pet dies it is a tragic event that causes great emotional pain and discomfort. Pets are more than just the present animal in the home; their loss is very often related as to a loss of a close person.

However, many people underestimate the pain felt after losing a pet. Many researchers studied the intensity of the pain felt after losing a dog or cat, or for that matter any pet kept in your home.

This study was conducted in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico questioning pet owners who experienced a loss of pet. Each one of them states that the experienced pain was very deep and intense.

The Hawaiian researchers on this issue have come to the conclusion that the pain felt after a death of a pet can be much longer lasting than the one of the loss of a close person.

Yet, many people claim that you cannot compare the pain of a lost pet with the pain felt of a loved one. This is true, but this leads us to a conclusion that pet owners are so deeply connected with their pets that when they lose them it is same as if they have lost their soul mate.

Source: naturalhealingmagazine.com

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