Should Children Be Taught How to Grow Food as Part of Their Schooling?

Should our children start to learn how to grow food, this question has popped up and many parents start to reconsider it closely?

We are living in a world with modern technologies and agriculture methods and the basic skills of survival are almost forgotten.

The comfort that the modern era offers in terms of food and various conveniences makes us to forget the basics of survival which is a great incompetence in God forbid situations.

What if the current system suddenly collapses, which is not just a figment of imagination as Nature can be cruel as there are many cases that currently confirm that. Hence, there is a great need in our system for our children to know how to grow their own food.

Researchers consider this a priceless lesson as when children grow their food, they develop “food empathy”, which means a deeper connection with food. Food is highly appreciated, especially the healthy ingredients, and that leads to healthy diets. These children lead a healthier lifestyle including a diet packed with vegetables and fruits as they are aware of the nutritional value of these products. In a world where obesity and diabetes rule, this would be of great value.

Skills that Gardening Can Offer to Our Children

Gardening is a fun process for every person no matter of the age, but children will like it the most and along with it they can develop valuable life-long skills.

  • Nutrition – the value of fresh foods and how they are produced
  • Responsibility – stimulated by taking care of life plants
  • Physical activity – as a result of planting, watering, harvesting, etc.
  • Reasoning and discovery – finding out more about the environment, and simple construction, then learning the science of plants, animals, and weather conditions
  • Love of nature – the growing is done outside thus appreciating and loving the nature more
  • Understanding – children recognize the principles of cause and effect
  • Creativity – as a result of introducing new and exciting ways of growing food
  • Cooperation – growing food requires teamwork and shared activities
  • Self-confidence – the produce offers great enjoyment knowing that the goal has been achieved

Renowned chefs recommend this practice, like Raymond Blanc, who suggests gardening lessons to become compulsory in schools so that children learn the value of healthy diet. This is a great way for children from young age to connect with nature and with the natural food products. In this modern world where obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases are being triggered from the intake of processed foods, the importance of healthy diet is of immense value. Thanks to the guidance of learning the gardening skills children will acquire many abilities and skills and also incorporate healthy lifestyle.




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