A Brewery Unveils 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead of Killing Them

The plastic which has been used by millions of people all around the world has become the biggest enemy to Mother Nature. Our oceans are swamped with it, namely 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean yearly thus endangering the planet and so many species. Not mention the fact that for its decomposition centuries need to pass.

We use many plastic products, and probably the six-pack rings found around cans of soda and beer should not make any difference, but it does. They are the ones to blame for the death of many animals as they easily tangle the wings of sea birds, warp the shells of sea turtles, and choke seals.

Did you know that the Gulf of Mexico has one of the highest concentrations of marine plastic in the world and this makes plastic pollution a serious issue. The LSU’s researcher Marki Benfield confirmed that each net or bottle dipped into the Gulf is laden with plastic.

Our beaches are also polluted with six-pack rings, namely, in a beach cleanup on three miles of Elmer’s Island, volunteers gathered over 170 plastic six-pack rings, along with 4,000 pounds of other trash.

Fortunately, there is an efficient solution for keeping our oceans and beaches clean, which was presented by a brewery in Florida. This brewery uses bio gradable six-pack rings made of wheat and barley that can be a great snack for the wildlife.

Although they seem as cardboard rings, they are really made of wheat and barley byproducts that have been compressed into a material, which can sustain the usual wear and tear related to the transport and storage in a refrigerator.

E6PR – Eco Six Pack Rings

The name of the brewery is The Saltwater Brewery, in Delray Beach, with a startup called E6PR (short for Eco Six Pack Rings). This discovery should get accustomed by the other breweries as well so that the manufacturing costs become lower.

According to Peter Agardy, head of the brand at the brewery, this is really a large investment for their microbrewery that has been created by fisherman, surfers, and people that love the sea. Hence, Chris Gove, president of Delray, appeals to the big producers to take on their new discovery and in that way help the sea life and the planet.

This project was a collaborative effort between New York ad agency We Believers, Mexican biodegradable supplier Entelequia, and private investors from the beverage packing industry according to CBS News.

E6PR are made of “by-product waste and other materials,” making them easily decomposed if being thrown as waste.

There is still the need for testing which is being performed by the brewery along with a group of craft breweries, and they believe that the use of E6PR will substantially contribute to having cleaner waters.

There are still no released specifics about their use, but the researchers consider that their use will save thousands of marine lives and because of that the CPG and Food and Beverage Industries should strongly consider their use. They believe the best brand product is the one that saves the planet, and not the other way round.

Source: awesomeinventions.com

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