Cannabis Tampons Are Here to Save You from Period Cramps

Ladies, everywhere in the world, there is an efficient solution for the treatment of all those painful cramps.

The period will not be the worst time of the month and the dealing with the severe and intense pain along with the muscle cramps will be gone forever.

A company known as Foria has come up with the ideal solution for many women suffering from this issue and designs tampons named as “cannabis vaginal suppositories”. These tampons will be of great assistance in alleviating the painful symptoms of the monthly period.

These tampons are cannabis-laced with THC and CBD which are main active cannabinoid compounds present in cannabis, specifically 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. These compounds are accountable for the pain relief making it possible for the muscles and nerves to relax, and at the same time releasing the happy chemicals in the brain.

The painful period is over, thanks to these newly developed tampons.


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