6 Best Exercises to Quickly Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight at Home

Excess fat is not good for your body and many people are aware of this fact, however sometimes no matter how hard you try the fat that it is located in your abdomen is the most difficult to burn. Hence, in this article we shall present your several exercises that are quickly burning this particular fat.

The common reasons for the occurrence of this type of fat are poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, or stress. If you are not sure whether you have excess abdominal fat, then you can try the simple measurement of your waist circumference. If your waist circumference is higher than 88 centimeters and you are a lady, then you are dealing with obesity. In case of men, if the waist circumference is higher than 102 centimeters, then this is an indication of obesity as per WHO –The World Health Organization. According to the WHO, this means that the chances of developing a certain disease are very high. Regarding this risk you should discuss with your doctor and in that way find out all possible health risks.

The performance of these exercises will help you to naturally lower your belly fat. They can be performed at the comfort of your home and are comprised of bodybuilding, cladding and other yoga poses. Their introduction in the workout routine will help in lowering the abdominal fat and at the same time strengthen the body. You should perform this workout routine three times a week and in order to obtain optimal results one should as well as walk, jump rope or swim.

6 Effective Abdominal Exercises

  1. The plunk

This commonly performed movement is an essential exercise in case of abdominal fat. If you experience issues in keeping your arms straight, then you should try to perform it on your forearms. While performing it keep your elbows and shoulders on the same line and keep your hips, heels and shoulders at the same height.

  1. The Captain’s Chair

For this movement you need to take a sitting position on a sturdy chair having your feet flat on the ground. By using your both hands, start elevating the legs making your knees to bend.

  1. The oblique crunch

This movement belongs to the bodybuilding workout that fortifies the abdominal belt like the obliques. For this movement, take a lying position as shown in the picture, and after that elevate your torso by touching the right knee with your left elbow. Perform dozen repetitions on one side, and after that change side and repeat the same movements.

  1. The bike

This movement resembles the cycling movements and for that purpose lie on the ground. Start the bicycle motion by lifting your shoulders behind your head and bringing the elbows to the knees. This movement is one of the essential exercises for the reduction of belly fat since its performance requires deep abdominal stabilization and rotation.

  1. The butterfly crunch

The performance of this movement will strengthen both the abdominal area and the pelvis. Hence, take a lying position with a flat back and shoulders on the ground, and after that glue the soles of your feet together and start bending your knees outward resembling the butterfly movement.

  1. The twist crunch

For this one, sit on your yoga mat with knees bent. Start pulling your abs towards the spine and then lean back a few inches meanwhile elevating the feet off the floor. Maintain a straight back and by crossing your arms in front of you turn your torso to the right, and then to the left. Do this for 1 minute, and if you have the need for lowering your heels to the floor, do it freely.



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