12 Simple Tips to Prevent You from Gaining Weight

One of the reasons for the accumulation of fat is the intake of food that is not based on hunger, namely people when experiencing great stress tend to consume more food and the most caloric one. In order to prevent this from happening you can make certain changes that will prevent such occurrences. The following tips will be of great help and thus prevent you from gaining more weight.

Weight Loss Tips

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

The breakfast meal is a must if you want to maintain optimal weight index. As per a conducted study, missing out on breakfast can affect the mental health in many ways. Skipping breakfast will not contribute to weigh loss, but in fact to weight gain as you will tend to eat more caloric foods during the day.

  1. Divide your food in smaller portions

The intake of smaller portions will offer the needed satiety, especially if you are a person that needs to nibble something during the day. In this way you will prevent the need for fat or sugar.

  1. The rule of two

This rule will enable a healthy and balanced diet without overeating yourself. It is based on a simple rule: along with your meat there should be always a portion of vegetables and nothing else. Thanks to this consumption you will receive the needed nutrients without causing weight gain.

  1. Chew your food slowly

This will be of great help in the weight loss process. The feeling of fullness will be easily achieved as the brain will receive the info in time and thus offer the feeling of satiety.

  1. Don’t refill your plate

You can prevent this if you are having your meal not near your main dish. For instance, you can have the meal in your living room or office and thus the need for refilling will be gone when you think that you need to stand up to do it.

  1. Leave the dining table after the meal is finished

If you stay on the dining table after you have finished the meal it is quite possible to take more food even though you are full. This will eventually lead to weight gain, and because when you are done with your portion of food leave the table. In this way you are finishing your meal physically and psychologically.

  1. Serve your food in smaller plates

It has been proven by several studies that the amount of food seems higher if it is served on smaller plate, so you will have the illusion that you have eaten pretty much. This will prevent you from eating more as you have already experienced the “Delboeuf’s illusion”.

  1. Consume your food alone

We are not saying to skip family dinners, but try to have your lunch alone as it has been revealed by a conducted study that eating alone means eating less. However, if you want to lose weight, eat your main meals alone.

  1. Healthy snacking

If you want to nibble in front of a screen you should not stop it, but simple change the choice of food, instead of chips, sweets or chocolate, eat fruits or vegetables.

  1. You can succumb to temptation

This is a normal thing, especially when following a draconian or restrictive diet. You should not feel frustrated if you have eaten a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake after following such diet. In order to prevent such frequent temptation you can simply take one or two squares of dark chocolate daily to remedy your sugar cravings. The feeling of frustration is the worst enemy while dieting which will eventually destroy your diet and even cause the yo-yo effect.

  1. Stick to your shopping list

Before going to the supermarket you need to have a shopping list and stick to it. In the supermarkets there are plenty of junk foods that are tempting, but you should avoid their temptation by avoiding these counters. Your shopping list should be based on healthy foods with the proper quantities so that you save your line and budget.

  1. Patience is a virtue

For some people it is very difficult to implement all these tips at once. They can be introduced gradually like one tip per week and in that way this tip easily turns into a habit. Nothing can be done at once as for everything you need time and patience. Step by step you will soon reach the healthy lifestyle and thus preserve your health and figure.

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