This Simple Japanese 5-Minute Exercise Will Help You Lose Weight & Improve the Posture

Belly fat is the most difficult one to burn as it is mainly composed of visceral fat located under the abdominal muscles. This fat is the main cause for many complexes that people have as they limit them in wearing the clothes that they like.

For that purpose, the renowned Japanese doctor, Toshiki Fukutsudzi, has made a breakthrough in the removal of adipose tissue, and it is based on a performance of a body position. Dr. Fukutsudzi specialized in the weight management of his patients and has over 10 years of experience in this field. He is an author of several books on weight loss and helped many Japanese women.

The body position of Toshiki Fukutsudzi can help with the fat burning and also with a better body posture. Its implementation will help you in losing the most stubborn fat in the belly.

Dr. Fukutsudzi’s Revolutionary Method

For the performance of this method you will need a towel and sports mat. Here it is how to perform it:

Take your sports mat and spread it on the floor. Then, take a large towel and fold it as roll. Lie on your back and put the towel behind your lower back at the lumbar area. Next, stretch your legs and position them at shoulders’ width. Start pointing your toes inward and then put your arms above your head and start stretching them with palms inward. Maintain this body position for 5 minutes.

For optimal effects you should perform it 3 times a day.

In the beginning this method is very difficult to perform, but in time you will manage it and it is worth to try it as it is very effective. The implementation of this method in daily life has helped many Japanese to remove the adipose tissue in their abdomen area and at the same time improved their body posture.

How is this method effective?

According to Dr. Fukutsudzi, people who have a tendency of building up fat around the waist suffer from pelvic imbalance. Poor posture is one of the reasons for fat accumulation on the stomach area. The performance of this exercise will favor the alignment of the bones of the spine. Dr. Fukutsudzi maintains that there is a link between the nerves of the intestinal system and the posture.

Scientific research has confirmed the association with poor posture and slow intestinal transit. It has been revealed that people who have a tendency of having a bad posture may suffer from bloating and constipation. Plus, these people seem bigger due to their swollen belly.

Nonetheless, you need to know that this method is not comprehensively analyzed although Japanese praise its efficacy.

Daily Tips for Abdominal Fat Removal

  1. Follow cardio exercise

If you want to reduce the adipose tissue, you need to elevate the heart rate, and that can be achieved by jumping rope, Zumba, running or cycling. These exercises are also very helpful in decreasing the waist circumference.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet

Excessive intake of sugar, fat or salt is the main cause of overweight and higher waist circumference. Hence, if you want to have a flat belly you should be very careful what are you putting on your plate every day.

  1. Avoid stress

Body and mind are closely related and because of that stress should be avoided by all means. In order to successfully lose the weight, stress should not be a part of your life. It can be reduced and eliminated successfully if you introduce meditation, yoga, or just breathe deeply when feeling too stressful.

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