DIY Natural Lemon and Honey Mask to Greatly Boost the Health of Your Hair & Skin

Our hair and skin is the first thing that people notice on us and because of that people spend tons of money finding their right product. But, there is no need for such thing when it is most likely that all the needed ingredients for a radiant skin and hair are already in your kitchen. Not to mention the fact that in this way you are sure about the ingredients you are using as you are the one that is applying them.

In this article we shall present you a mask based on only natural ingredients that will greatly boost the health and beauty of your hair and skin.

The used ingredients are powerful natural ingredients with incredible properties. The mask is based on honey and lemon that are revealing amazing features. They are the boosters of the immune system, regulators of the intestinal flora, dietary allies, and so much more.

The benefits of honey and lemon


This amazing natural bee-product will be the one that will soothe the dryness of your skin. Honey reveals healing and protective properties for your skin. Its use will help you in the treatment of certain dermatological disorders.

In terms of the health of your hair honey is an incredible purifier of your scalp and thus fighting off the excess sebum. The reason for such occurrence is the ongoing pollution and the intake of fatty foods that lead to excess production of sebum. This can be easily treated if you use a honey lotion thereby battling against dandruff which is a consequence of excess sebum.


This powerful citrus fruit is a natural fighter against the first signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, the worst nightmare of most women. The rich content of vitamin C will support the production of a protein known as collagen, accountable for skin elasticity. Lemon will also fight off the harmful free radicals responsible for pre mature aging of the skin.

Lemon is a great natural remedy for oily and mixed skin. This type of skin is often recognized by a presence of sebum on the T zone starting from the forehead and going to the ridge of the nose. This can be easily regulated thanks to the use of lemon as the content of citric acid will dry out the excess sebum accountable for the occurrence of blackheads and acne. As per a conducted study, released in the journal Indian Dermatology Online Journal, lemon as a fruit rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is highly recommended in dermatology.

Lemon is a natural skin lightener of your brown spots that have most probably appeared due to excessive exposure to the sun. The exposure to UV rays can lead to overproduction of melanin and thus hyperpigmentation, scattered on the skin manifested with scars and brown spots. Lemon will treat this occurrence as it contains active compounds that inhibit tyrosinase, accountable for the synthesis of melanin.

Lemon can naturally lighten your hair as well, naturally if you are a person with a fair hair. You can have blond or honey reflections on your hair if you use the lemon hair lotion. All you need to do is to apply it onto your hair and have the shades that you have always wanted to have in a natural way. This treatment can be done only twice per week.

Honey and Lemon Mask for Hair and Skin

The included ingredients are for 4 uses of this mask. Make certain to use ingredients that are organic.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 lemon
  • 5 cups of filtered water
  • 4 tablespoons of pure honey


Take a saucepan and in it pour water and then place it on heat. When it reaches its boiling point include the other ingredients. Mix the solution till everything is completely dissolved. Leave it aside to cool off and transfer the preparation in an adequate container. Store it in a fridge.

Hair Use:

You should use this mask on previously washed and disentangled hair. Apply it onto your hair and leave it to act for 5 minutes, after that wash it off with lukewarm water.

Skin Use:

Use the preparation on your skin by applying it with a cotton disc. Leave it to act for 10 minutes, after that wash it off with clear water.


Lemon reveals photosensitizing properties and because of that it is of vital importance to properly wash off the mask prior exposing your skin and hair to the effects of the sun.

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