This Honey and Lemon Mask Can Help You Look 10 Years Younger

The aging is a scary process for most of the people, but it seems that the female gender is mostly afraid of it. This is a normal process in human nature, but it can be delayed or at least reduced by the use of certain natural ingredients. Thanks to the use of them the visible signs like the fine lines and wrinkles can get significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Many people turn to the use of expensive creams or the more evasive methods like Botox injections or plastic surgeries. No need for such painful treatments when Mother Nature offered us many natural solutions, and in this article we shall present you an efficient rejuvenating mask.

Natural methods are always the best solution for the treatment of skin and thus all the health risks are being avoided. The pre mature aging signs are result of some bad habits of everyday life and because of that first you need to eliminate them from your life.

Factors of Pre-mature Skin Aging

  1. Sun exposure and the effect of pollutants

Skin aging can be a result of sun exposure, stress, or smoking cigarettes. The outside is packed with germs and agents that cause skin irritations as they penetrate the pores and degrade the skin. Hence, the need for regular skin cleanse. On the other hand, the sun’s UV rays cause a deterioration of the quality of the dermis, therefore make certain to use sunscreen and avoid staying on the sun for a long period of time.

  1. Poor diet

The entire body is being impacted from the food ingredients we consume every day. Unhealthy diet packed with fats, sugars, and industrial products can seriously affect your beauty. In order to be beautiful with radiant complexion you need to consume more organic fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are abundant with antioxidant compounds that enhance skin’s resistance to pollutants and oxidative stress. In addition to this, make sure to take in proteins and essential fatty acids that are present in oil seeds and oily fish. These acids support the synthesis of collagen and thus prevent skin aging.

  1. Insufficient hydration

The human body is mostly composed of water and every cell and tissue needs water in order to function accordingly. Lack of hydration can damage the quality of the epidermis as the cells are not receiving the requiring amount of water and cannot protect against the various external aggressions.

  1. Bad sleeping patterns

Proper sleep elevates the production of collagen and supports the blood flow. Namely, the skin regenerates between midnight and four in the morning by increasing the synthesis of epidermal cells.

Here is the recipe of the rejuvenating mask:

Lemon and Honey Mask

Required Ingredients:

  • Half a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Method of Preparation:

It is quite simple, just combine 1 tablespoon of honey with the juice of half a lemon.


You should apply this mask on your face by using circular motions so that it deeply penetrates every inch of your face. Leave it to act for 15 minutes, and after that wash it off with cold water. It is best to use it prior bedtime.

How does it work?

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants that offer the epidermis barriers against external aggression. On the other hand, the consumption of vitamin C will support the renewal of epidermal tissues and the synthesis of collagen. It will protect the skin against the harmful effects pollution, UV rays, and stress. Plus, this citrus fruit supports wound healing and lowers skin inflammation.

Honey reveals powerful antioxidant effect that protects against the negative effects of the free radicals and thus protects the dermis against premature aging. It reveals antiseptic and antibacterial properties thus alleviating skin infections and at the same time protects from harmful microbes entering the body. As per a conducted study, honey nourishes the skin and battles against diseases caused by pathogens.

This bee product is high in natural sugars and deeply hydrates the epidermis. Its use is very beneficial for dry and fragile skin. It will support the regulation of sebum and purify the pores. Thee epidermis will restore its elasticity and natural glow.


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