8 Less-Known Tips to Lose Weight without Exercise or Dieting

The weight loss is a difficult and long process, especially if you want to keep it on the long run. The basic principles are dieting and a regular physical activity. However, in order to follow these principles you need to be determined and follow the set goals. Some people can do it but some experience great issues.

Fortunately, we have for you some very handy tips that will help you with the successful weight loss. So, if you are interested in having higher chances for efficient weight loss without following an intensive workout or following a rigorous\s diet, then you are on the right place.

Less-known Tips for Weight Loss

These tips will be of great help in losing weight and that can be done without diet or sports activity.

  1. Serve your food in smaller plates

Many studies have confirmed that changing the appearance of plates or serving the food in smaller plates can reduce the daily caloric intake. The perception of your brain is different when there is a smaller plate in front of you and even if you want to fill it up again it will be with smaller amount than in a larger plate.

  1. Keep a food journal

You can monitor your food intake by keeping a food journal. In this way you will not derail from your set goals. You will notice your mistakes and try to correct them. If it is of help to you, you can write thoughts and feelings while the dieting process.

  1. Hide your junk food

If there are still some packs of chips for your game night or some chocolate bar in the house remove them from your immediate sight. If you look at them you will get tempted to consume them and thus forget your dieting plan. Try to replace these snacks with healthy ingredients like fruits or nuts.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Optimal hydration is of vital importance for successful weight loss as it will lower the cravings and thus consequently the daily calorie intake.

  1. Have a good night sleep

According to a conducted study released in the Environmental Health Perspectives weight gain is closely related to sleep shortage and the ability of the body to lose weight. A good night sleep is the pillar of optimal health and well-being of the body. Your body should receive an 8-hour sleep every night and that will help with the weight loss and prevent the occurrence of nightly and daily cravings.

  1. Eat slowly

You should try to eat slowly as that will significantly help with the weight loss. Eating fast will make you fatter as the brain does not receive the information that the stomach is full and you continue with the food intake. As per a conducted Japanese study, people who eat slowly are more likely to lose weight than the ones who eat more quickly their meals.

Thanks to the slow consumption of food the feeling of satiety will be longer thus avoiding the unnecessary snacking between meals.

  1. Change the color of your dining room walls

This may seem strange, but it has been proven by several studies that the color of the walls where you eat can affect the appetite. For instance, all fast foods have walls with shimmering color tones that can increase your appetitive. Hence, opt for colors like pastel blue for both the dining room and the plates as it has been proven that this color lowers the appetite.

  1. Change the lighting of your dining room

This can really help you with the slimming process. According to a conducted study there is a strong link between bright lights when taking meals and the decrease of fat percentage, fat mass and appetite.

While dieting you need to remain positive and determined. It is a long path to achieving the set goals but these efforts will be worth it as that means better physical and mental health.


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