11 Daily Tips to Effortlessly Lose Weight

If you have an intention of losing weight, then you are most likely baffled with all those diets and workout plans available on the net. There are numerous diet guidelines promising quick weight loss, but these diets can be followed only for a certain period of time as they can cause nutrient deficiencies. There are also the draconian diets that by all means you need to avoid as they may offer initial quick weight loss, but on the long run they are not effective and can even stimulate the yo-yo effect.

Working out is another option that you should follow even when not dieting, especially the moderate one. However, there are many intense workouts that may require gym membership cards which let’s face it are very expensive.

In this article we shall focus on certain approaches that you need to adopt into your lifestyle if you are interested in efficient weight loss. These simple techniques are not demanding or require certain equipment or specific food products, all you need to do is to adapt them in your daily life as a routine and the positive results will be guaranteed.

Here they are:

11 Daily Tips for Effortless Weight Loss

  1. Remove junk foods from your sight

According to a conducted study people that have junk foods at their reach in their homes percentagewise are in fact overweight people. Hide that pack of chips or chocolate somewhere in the house and pull it out only for your guests. Leave only a bowl of fruit in your dining room and whenever you experience a craving pick one fruit from the bowl.

  1. Serve your food in small plates

You can use large plates for the healthy ingredients and a small plate for the fatty foods. It has been revealed by numerous studies that when the food is served in larger plates triggers the need of adding more food on it thus ending up with higher food intake.

  1. Eat slowly

Fast eating triggers weigh gain as the brain does not receive the information on time that the stomach is full which makes you eat more than you have to. Enjoy every bite of your food and thus keep the health of your digestive system and lower the intake of food.

  1. Homemade meals

In order to keep your health and lose weight the best thing is to cook your own food. Only in this way you are sure of the used ingredients as in homemade meals there isn’t hidden sugar or fat. Plus, it is most likely that you will use more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Take in more fiber and protein

Fibers slow down the digestion and prolong the transit time that will offer the feeling of satiety. Food products that contain plenty of fiber are whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and as well as other valuable nutrients. On the other hand, the intake of proteins will elevate the feeling of satiety that is of great importance for the body’s metabolism and growth. You can introduce hemp or chia seeds into your morning cereal or consume eggs as breakfast meal as they are packed with proteins.

  1. Exclude sodas or sweet beverages

No need to explain why sugar is bad for your health and for the body weight. Make sure to remove all sugary drinks from your diet and replace them with drinks made of water, lemon, cucumber and mint.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is the essence of our existence and as well as for the weight loss process. Its regular consumption will offer the feeling of satiety and remove the toxins from the body that can impede the weight loss. Another study revealed that people who drink ½ liter of water half an hour prior having a meal can lose more weight. In fact the participants in this study managed to lose 44% more weight than others.

  1. Nibble healthily

Snacking between meals adds to 33% of additional calories. Hence, make sure to avoid all those tempting commercial products and start to nibble healthy snacks like almonds, nuts, unsalted dry fruits, and high-fiber fruits or vegetables.

  1. No screens while eating

No matter of the type of screen you are looking at, you are being distracted and while eating you actually consume 10% more food and up to 25% more calories, excluding main meals.

  1. Good sleeping patterns

Our body needs its 8-hour sleep in order to function accordingly as if that is not the case then the body becomes susceptible to various diseases and weight gain. According to a conducted study, involving 1024 volunteers, it was revealed that people who lack sleep experience a hormonal disturbance, especially hormones like leptin and ghrelin that are accountable for regulating the appetite. As a result of poor sleep, the levels of ghrelin are increased thus the appetite, and the leptin that indicates the satiation, is decreased.

  1. Take up the stairs or walk

Forget the elevator, and start climbing the stairs which will help in calorie burning. You should start to walk, for instance park the car a little bit far away from your workplace or get off from the bus couple of stations before your last destination.

You can as well as cycle if you have a longer destination. No harm in applying any of these methods, but in fact a lot to gain from their implementation.


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