3 Main Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

There are plenty of diets available on the net promising quick and positive results in no time. However, most of them are in fact draconian diets that deprive the body from the needed nutrients making you weak and preventing successful weight loss.

These rigorous diet guidelines do little for the body figure, but in fact significantly support the    yo-yo effect and may contribute to even more weight. The media advertise these diets as the best and quick way of weight loss, which is not true, as only a balanced and healthy diet can stimulate weight loss and keep it on the long run. If you still have doubts about the use of draconian diets, then read the following and find out why they are not efficient.

3 Reasons Why Your Diets Fail

  1. Fixed time-frames of weight loss diets

The diet plan of these diets are fixed for a certain time-frame, and when it passes, in the period between, you may gain weight waiting for another set of food deprivation. In order for the weight loss to be successful it needs to be long-term as that is the only way to avoid the yo-yo effect. First you need to determine your eating habits and if they are bad meaning too much processed foods packed with fat and sugar, then by all means this needs to be stopped. A healthy and balanced diet is being focused on food ingredients that contain protein, fiber, carbohydrate and minerals that meet the daily required amounts. Therefore, we need to be aware of the content of our each food product so that we know what exactly our body receives.

  1. They slow down the weight loss process

When the body does not receive its needed nutrients, it fights back the weight loss. In this way it tries to protect itself by storing fat thanks to the higher secretion of cortisol and adrenaline. As per a conducted study, lower caloric intake may be ineffective when weight loss is concerned. Instead of substantially lowering the intake of calories, you should focus on the nutrients you are taking and reducing their fat content. This will help to achieve your set weight loss goals. You should keep the consumption of calories according to your metabolic rate and gender. In this way the vital organs are functioning at their optimal levels without hampering the weight loss process.

  1. Diets are monotonous

One of the reasons for their failure is monotony as they are based on the consumption of few foods. This intake will eventually lead to frustration. This will demotivate you as the pleasure factor will be gone and most likely you will turn to all those “comfort” foods that for sure will hamper your diet. Hence, the draconian diet will show no success, and if you want to lose weight you should focus on various flavors and introduce snacks that you like so not to get frustrated. For instance, once and awhile you can have apiece of cake or a slice of pizza, and that will keep your motivation. You need to introduce healthy eating habits, but not rigorously depriving your body from certain favorite treats.

Other Tips for Weight Loss

Along with the introduction of a healthy and balanced diet, you should follow a regular physical activity that combined with a balanced diet will help you to optimize your weight loss. You should pick up a sports activity that will meet your needs and that will keep you motivated. If you like zumba, aqua bike, running, or other activity that is of your interest, introduce it on daily basis.

You can try to have a diet book that will help in your weight organization and keeping your set goals. You can put down your thoughts or inspirational quotes that will keep you going on.

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