Here’s How to Use Lemon Halves to Treat & Prevent Heel Cracks

Summertime is approaching and our feet are becoming exposed to the effects of environmental factors. But, if you have dry feet, especially heels you will most likely hide them in closed shoes. No need for such thing anymore as there is an effective trick that can help you in having smooth feet.

The heels are becoming rough as all the dry skin accumulates on the back of our feet, and in order to protect themselves they produce keratin which makes the stratum corneum thicker. However, these cracks that occur at the back of our feet may cause discomfort and pain. Our heels are mostly affected by cracks which make them unsightly. This can be prevented if we regularly moisturize and hydrate this part of the body and perform feet exfoliation that will remove the build-up dry layer.

Here are some natural tips based on lemon that have been proven to be very effective.

Lemon for Soft Feet

We shall present two methods and each one is effective just choose the one that you prefer.

Method 1 – Lemon Halves in Socks

First you need to take 1 lemon and squeeze out its juice which you will keep for later use. Put the lemon halves on your heels and secure them by wearing socks. We advise you to perform this treatment before going to bed so that the lemon acts during the whole night.

For quick and optimal effects repeat this treatment several nights in a row. Moreover, you can use the same lemon until it completely dries out.

Method 2 – Lemon Peel and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For this method you will need to combine lemon peel with extra virgin olive oil preferably organic. For that purpose take a bowl and in it put the lemon peel and cover it with olive oil. Let it stand for 14 days in a dark place. The resulting lotion apply it regularly on your heels in the evening before bedtime.

Skin Benefits of the Lemon and Olive Oil

Lemon is well-recognized for its rich content of vitamin C that reveals antioxidant, purifying and antibacterial properties. Its application will tighten the pores and thus support the skin repair. As per a conducted study released by the medical journal Nutrition and Cancer, the use of lemon peel will be very beneficial for the skin and more importantly protect it from skin cancer. The use of this citrus fruit will offer the best exfoliation as it contains an acid called alpha hydroxy that will successfully remove dead skin cells.

On the other hand, the use of olive oil will offer the needed hydration, toning and deeply nourish the skin.

Tips to Prevent Cracks

You can prevent the appearance of cracks if you follow certain tips:

If you need to intensively walk, then you should opt for flat and comfortable shoes.

Use an organic sweet almond oil to keep good daily hydration of your feet.

Soften the skin of your feet by soaking them once a week in a suitable basin filled with warm water and a handful of sea salt. Once your feet are nicely soaked, use a pumice stone to do a delicate scrub.

Diabetics and other people affected by certain diseases should consult a professional for the treatment of their cracks.


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