Amazing Natural Remedy that Unclogs the Arteries & Helps You Avoid Stroke or Heart Attack

The cardiac and cardiovascular diseases are serious health conditions that affect many people in the world. These conditions can have terminal consequences and because of that they are the leading cause of death.

The common reasons for their onset are hypertension, obesity, diabetes, tobacco, or alcohol. However, there are preventive measures for such conditions and they can get avoided if you adopt a healthy and balanced diet free of bad fat along with the performance of a regular physical activity.

You need to introduce beneficial ingredients for your heart and cardiovascular system like lemon and garlic. Their combination will be a great prevention of a heart disease offering your body a wide range of benefits.

Recipe of the Garlic and Lemon Remedy


  • 6 lemons cut into slices, organic
  • 6 garlic cloves, peeled and cut into pieces, organic
  • 4 cups of water


First you should combine all the ingredients in a blender and transfer the resulting mixture in a saucepan on heat for around 15 minutes. Remove it from heat and set it aside to cool off. Pour the mixture into a glass container or bottle that has been previously cleaned and sterilized. After that, put it in the fridge.


Take ¼ cup of this drink for 3 days in a row. After one week repeat the treatment with the same dose. The intake of this remedy should be taken only two times per year.

The Benefits of this Lemon-Garlic Remedy

This preparation can bring many benefits for your body. Aside boosting the health of the cardiovascular system it can prevent and treat other ailments as well, like hypertension, enhancing the immune system, and even fat oxidation.

Both ingredients are powerful agents in the fight against various diseases and because of that widely have been used for centuries.

  1. Protection against a cardiovascular disease

There are many conducted studies that have confirmed the protective properties of this combination for the cardiovascular system. One of them was published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine. This study involved participants in the age range of 30 to 60 years old who suffered from moderate hyperlipidemia. The results of this study showed that the lipid levels and blood pressure in these people were highly improved.

In the case of garlic, there have been several clinical trials that confirmed the potency of garlic in the protection of the cardiovascular system. According to a released research by the Science Daily, aged garlic extract has the power to lower the build-up of plaques in the arteries. This research has also shown that the lemon juice can reduce serum cholesterol due to its strong antioxidant effect.

  1. Boosted immunity

This combination will enhance the work of the immune system thanks to the valuable properties of the included ingredients. Lemon is high in vitamin C that offers a substantial amount of the required daily allowance thus enhancing the work of the immune system. According to a conducted study, people that are short of vitamin C have weaker immune system thus making them susceptible to various diseases.

Garlic has in its content a valuable substance known as allicin, once taken it alters into a sulfur compound which is very effective in helping the immune system to battle the development of germs. As per other performed study the extract of aged garlic is an effective stimulant of the immune system.

  1. Weight loss

The presence of lemon can substantially stimulate the weight loss as per a conducted study revealing that people who have higher levels of vitamin C can lose weight more effectively. Additionally, it contains polyphenols that can fight off obesity having the ability to prevent weight gain and body fat build-up.


The use of lemon is not advised for people suffering from citrus allergies, bile and gastric disorders and as well as for burns and stomach ulcers.

People with porphyria should not use garlic due to its anticoagulant effect that makes it unsuitable for people with scheduled surgery. Breastfeeding women should not consume garlic as it can change the taste of their milk.

If you experience a heart issue, you should first consult a doctor prior initiating any natural treatment.



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