Easy Way to Grow Unlimited Organic Lemons at Home Using Just One Seed

Lemon is an amazing fruit valuable for the health of our body, but also revealing many other incredible uses. Hence, we should always have it in our homes. What if we tell you that you can always have it fresh and organic if you grow your lemon tree at home?

If you have quality lemons in your home you will always reap its amazing benefits like the anti-inflammatory due to the content of D-limonene. Plus, it shows antioxidant properties due to its rich content of Vitamin C. Not to mention the fact that it can be included in various beauty treatments and used as well as for cleaning purposes. This citrus fruit offers all its wide spectrum of health advantages and its amazing scent that is relaxing and very refreshing.

If you have a lemon tree at your home you can always use its benefits and additionally it will be a nice décor for your home.

Benefits of Having a Lemon Tree at Home

Any fruit or vegetable that is grown at home offers many virtues for your body and daily life. Not to mention the fact that its taking care can offer great family bonding.

  1. Packed with powerful micronutrients

These micronutrients will be at your reach all the time. Lemon is known for its valuable content of vitamins and minerals which is the basis of every healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Fresh and organic food

The food that we find in the markets have sometimes questionable freshness and origin, the advantage of having an own plantation removes all the suspicion about the quality of food we take in our body.

  1. Your pocket will be grateful

Having a lemon tree at your home is more economical and that will reduce your shopping budget.

  1. Boosted health

If you have organic and healthy foods in your home, you will be less tempted to go out and buy some of the other foods. You will have them already at home and pick it up whenever you want.

How to grow own lemon tree?

Needed Things:

  • Lemon
  • Potting soil
  • Pot
  • Cellophane paper
  • Bucket
  • Watering can

Steps How to Grow a Lemon tree

  • Put potting soil in the bucket and then moisten it with a little water.
  • Take your pot and fill it with the moistened potting soil but leaving a small gap of 1 inch between the soil and the top of the container.
  • Cut the lemon in halves and pick the seed that is in good condition.
  • Dig a hole in the pot in order to plant the chosen lemon seed, and then cover it with soil.
  • Cover it with cellophane paper, but leave small holes so that the plant breathes.
  • Keep it in a sunny place, and make sure to water it on regular basis. (The lemon tree must be placed outdoors exposed to sunlight for at least 8 hours.)
  • When the lemon seed starts to sprout, remove the plastic film.
  • Once lemon tree becomes big, it needs to be placed in another suitable pot.

Why opt for lemon?

  1. Supports weight loss

Thanks to the high content of polyphenols, this food will reveal its detoxifying features getting rid of the present toxins in the body that impeded the weight loss process. It has been proven that vitamin C along with plyphenols can fight off obesity. Plus, it contains a fiber known as pectin that offers the feeling of satiety thus reducing all those unnecessary food cravings.

  1. Better digestion

Lemon contains citric acid that supports the secretion of bile in the liver. This substance is vital in the process of digestion.


People with stomach ulcers, burns, gastric and biliary disorders should not use lemon.

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