If These 2 Lines on Your Hands are Perfectly Aligned, It Means You’re Very Special Person

You must have succumbed to the desire at some fair someone to read the future from your hand. This hand reading is known as palmistry and people practiced it for centuries. It is always fun to have such reading and learn more about what lies ahead.

Palmistry had been referred to the occulted science that decrypts the lines of the hand, but over time it has developed into chirology that offers a deeper study of the nature of a person. It studies both hands, focusing on the analysis of the lines, but as well as of their shape. Plus, it analyzes the nails, skin elasticity, the length of the fingers and all the specific features of the hands.

The aim of chirology is to help people to understand themselves better by perceiving their qualities and as well as their faults. It detects the traits of their personality, and by recognizing their inner self people can easily govern their lives and develop their potential for a successful future.

In this article we shall focus on the characteristics of the lines that reflect our attitude towards love. Bu analyzing the lines we shall present you certain aspects of your personality and what it means for your future love life.

The heart line is positioned at the top of the palm and in order to read what we seek in love you should put your hands together next to each other and turn your palms to read the lines of the heart.

Here it is what each position of the both heart lines reveals for your personality in terms of love.

  1. When the heart line of the left hand is higher than higher than that of the right one

This position of your heart lines indicates that you are a caring and passionate person. You want to experience good moments with your loved ones and have a good time with the loved person. But, your love is blind and because of that easily fall into toxic relationships. You trust your loved ones blindly that is taken as an advantage and thus you are ending up hurt. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing partners and try to immediately spot their malice. If you do not that you may get accustomed to being treated badly and this is not good. Try to spot the person that will bring good in your life and not only bad.

  1. When the heart line of the right hand is higher than that of the left one

You are rational and wise person. You are not impulsive when trying to find the right person but know exactly what you want. Your standards are higher and because of that the right person for you comes at a very advanced age. The reason for that is that you are way too rigid in accepting differences. You do not get easily satisfied, but always on the lookout of the person the perfectly meets your set standards. Bear in mind that there is no perfection and because of that you need to expand your field of research. You need to reevaluate your standards and open your heart to love.

  1. When the two heart lines of opposite hands are aligned perfectly

This means that you are a very generous person and you love your close ones unconditionally. For the loved ones you are there one hundred percent with your pure and tender heart. You are not a person that has pride or malice in your heart. Although these are positive features there are many people who have misused this and because of that you have been hurt many times in the past. You have become suspicious in the true feelings of the other people and lost confidence in love. You need to be loved and love back and the suspicions that you have due to previous unfortunate relationships drives you away from the potential future love. We are not saying that you should not keep your guard, but try to be open-minded and take time before you reach the final judgment. You deserve to be happy and there are good persons in the world that will offer that for you.


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