Apple & Lemon Detox Drink to Remove Pounds of Toxins from Your Body

The body is being constantly affected by the impact of toxins that can harm the general health of a person. They are inevitable as they are everywhere, in the food we consume, in the air we breathe in and in the daily products we use.

There are two types of toxins, they can be produced naturally by the body, and the others come from our diet or our environment. The body has its own defense system regarding the presence of toxins in the body by removing them through the kidneys, lungs, liver, intestines and skin. However, these organs can get easily overwhelmed due to the high presence of toxins that in turn will impede their proper function.

We can control the toxins that we take in via the food products we are consuming. This is very important for the health of your body as if that is not the case then you will become more prone to various diseases.

The presence of waste in the body will harm your general health, and as well as your beauty. Your skin will be with pimples, dark circles, and cellulite. The complexion will be pale, looking tired and stressful.

What are the causes of excess toxins in the body?

One of them is for sure the high intake of processed foods that are rich in fat and / or sugar. There is also the ongoing pollution and the harmful chemical products that we use, but in this article we shall focus on the food intake. As a result if a poor diet the health disturbances are inevitable, and the first organ that is being impacted by a bad diet is the liver. For instance, if you eat too much fat or sugar, your liver will become overwhelmed that will eventually cause an increase of cholesterol.

The main role of the liver is to naturally remove the toxins from the body, but when there is an excess of it coming from a poor diet its functions will deteriorate leading to other more serious diseases.

The other organ that removes toxins from the body is the intestine. Each organ in the body is related with each other, so when the function of the liver becomes disturbed it will produce less bile which in turn will slow down the intestinal transit. As a result of that conditions like constipation, bloating, diarrhea and pain will start to occur which will significantly affect your intestinal health.

Hence, we need to properly take care of our body and protect it from all the negative effects that can harm our body on daily basis. Thanks to the implementation of this recipe it will help in the removal of pounds of toxic waste from the body.

Here is the recipe that will help you neutralize the harmful effects of an unhealthy diet. This drink is based on the use of natural ingredients that will take good care of your body and help in the removal of toxins.

Detox Drink That Removes Toxins from the Body


  • A cup of apple juice, organic
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, organic
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger juice, organic
  • Half a cup of filtered water

Method of Preparation and Use:

In a large carafe pour the water along with apple, ginger and lemon juice. Consume it in the morning as a first thing so that to enjoy all its detox effects.

The benefits of the used ingredients:


This super healthy fruit is packed with fiber, especially with pectin which is a soluble fiber that helps with the digestion. It offers the body with vitamin C and K, and also with manganese that protects the body from the harmful free radicals.


This citrus fruit is an excellent detox agent. It supports the digestion stimulating the activity of the liver. It successfully eliminates toxins from the body and it is high in antioxidants and flavonoids that have the ability to neutralize the negative effects of the free radicals. It contains highly citric acid that helps the liver to secrete the bile needed for good intestinal transit. Plus, it alleviates intestinal gas and stomachaches.


This root is loaded with antioxidants and as well as with manganese that hinders the proliferation of free radicals in the body. Thanks to the content of gingerol, it can lower the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders, nausea and vomiting.


Pregnant women and people with blood diseases should not use this detox drink.

People with gastric or esophageal disorders, gallstones and / or kidneys issues should also not consume it.



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