Here’s How to Use Lemon to Eliminate Bad Body Odors Naturally

The body naturally perspires as in that way regulates its temperature. But, the scent of the sweat can be very unpleasant and embarrassing and because of that people turn to the use of various antiperspirant deodorants. They may annihilate the odor, but most of them contain harmful substances that can influence the overall health. Fortunately, there are effective natural ways that can help with this issue.

The sweat glands in the body are the ones that release the sweat and they are everywhere in the body, in the forehead, feet, underarms, palms, etc. Their function must not be impeded as sweating is another way of toxin removal from the body.

Commercial deodorants contain aluminum compounds that are temporarily plugging the sweat ducts so that there is no flow of sweat on the surface of the skin. According to the National Cancer Institute antiperspirants that have in their content aluminum may have similar effects to those of estrogen and thus support the growth of breast cancer cells. These findings have been based on several conducted studies. Additionally, there are few epidemiological studies in the medical literature that directly link the risk of breast cancer with the use of deodorants. However, there is still the need of more studies to determine the causal link.

You should be aware of the fact that cosmetic products have in their content unsuitable substances that can affect the well-being and overall health. For that purpose, we highly recommend the use of natural alternatives and ingredients that are safe for the body and as well as for the environment.

Sweating – A Normal Body Process

Perspiration is vital for the proper function of the body and it needs to be at an optimal level as sweating not enough (hypohidrosis) or sweating excessively (hyperhidrosis) can be dangerous. Namely, lack of perspiration can overheat the body, and excessive one can be harmful both psychologically and physically.


This condition is being manifested by excessive and abnormal sweating. It can occur at any time in a person’s lifespan and affect any body part. But, mostly affected are the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the armpits. The excessive perspiration can occur even in cold temperatures, however it can excessively worsen when it is hot or when the person is under a certain emotional stress.


It is manifested by lack of sweat which can be even dangerous for the body as the body temperature cannot get regulated and the body cannot release excess heat.

The body has many glands and the composition of sweat depends on the type of gland from which it is released.  Here are the most generally recognized:

  • Apocrine glands

These glands are located on the chest, underarms, and groin, and are commonly located near the hair follicles of our body.

  • Eccrine glands

These glands are smaller than the apocrine, but produce more sweat. They are commonly found on the forehead, soles, palms, soles, and armpits.

Normal sweating in most cases is without smell even though most people believe that is naturally smelly. In reality, the liquid secreted by the apocrine glands comes into contact with bacteria that are on the surface of the skin and thus produce unpleasant smell. Therefore, if the body odor is your issue, then you need to keep your armpits dry, wash them with antibacterial soap and change your clothes every day.

A Natural Lemon Deodorant

Lemon has been used for centuries for successful removal of bad body odors. This is the best natural alternative to the carcinogenic deodorants.

The natural tip that we shall present you has been shared by the popular blogger Farah Dhukai and it will keep your skin dry and protect your body from bad smells.

For that purpose, you should cut a lemon in half, and like that rub it on the underarm area. You can also use another method by juicing out the lemon and in it soak a cotton pad that should be used on your armpits. Do not wear your shirt immediately, but wait till it dries out. This will be a great protection in those hot days and you can enjoy the upcoming summer. You will not suffer from smelly body parts since it is an effective antibacterial agent and battles all the bacteria accountable for bad odors.

Plus, the presence of vitamin C will lighten the skin that is commonly darker in the underarm area and thus improve its tone. It will be very helpful for the brown spots caused by shaving which can diminish in time.


Do not use lemon after shaving as it can irritate the skin.

Lemon is known for its high acidity, and because of that it should be used moderately like three to four times a week in order to avoid skin irritations.

This citrus fruit is known for its photo sensitizing effects and because of that after its application you should not expose your skin to the sun so that to avoid possible burns.

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