10 Useful Tips for Quick Weight Loss before the Summer Holiday

Weight loss is a complex process that in order to be successful a low calorie diet is not enough. There are certain methods that can be very helpful in its success and you need to follow certain tips on daily basis and thus acquire your optimal weight index.

In this article we shall present 10 useful tips that will come very handy for your quick weight loss. You may find some of them pointless, but believe us they are effective and really help with the weight loss. When dieting you need to have strong will and self-determination in order to achieve the set weight goal. Discipline is a must for gained success.

The following tips will be very beneficial for your weight loss, therefore read them and make sure to follow them as they are really helpful. These tips have been highly recommended by the well-known author and wellness expert David Wolfe. Here they are:

10 Useful Tricks of Weight Loss

  1. Chew your food slowly

If you apply this trick it will help you to feel full for a longer period of time. You can make the consumption of your meal pleasurable and tasty.

  1. Consume a balanced breakfast

By no means should you skip the most important meal of the day, breakfast. This first meal of the day will provide you with the needed energy during the day and prevent all those food cravings during the day. For instance, a breakfast made of fruit, scrambled eggs or toast can keep you going till the next meal.

  1. Hide your sweets

Even if you experience a sugar craving and if you cannot find that bar of chocolate or cookie, you will soon give up and forget it. In this way you will be less tempted to break your diet and more adamant in following it.

  1. Put your food in small containers

This is really an effective trick. Knowing that the food in the container is for the day you will enjoy every bite of it and stimulate the feeling of satiety. Having your food in small containers will make you to eat less and gradually lower the daily rations. In the beginning you may find this very difficult to follow, but in time it will offer great results.

  1. Change menus

If you follow a same menu every week it will discourage you very easily. Hence, in order to be persistent in its following you need to vary your meals and weekly menus. The proper balance between fruit and vegetables must be kept, but you need to introduce certain foods that are offering you pleasure so that to avoid the yo-yo effect.

  1. Control your portions

Cutting your food in smaller pieces will cheat your stomach and the feeling of satiety will be quickly experienced making you to eat less.

  1. Watch out on your shopping list

If you do not buy certain items you will not get easily tempted to consume them. Make sure to stick on food ingredients on the list that are healthy and that will contribute to weight loss. We advise you to do the shopping on a full stomach meaning after you have taken a meal and that will prevent you from buying all those sugary and fatty products. You should prepare a list that   corresponds to the weekly menus and that for sure will prevent any unnecessary cravings and help with the weight loss.

  1. Stay motivated

At some point during your diet you may feel less motivated and stuck at a certain level. But, you need to focus on your goal and remain motivated. You should find something that motivates you like an inspiring quote or picture.

  1. Make notes of your progress

Keeping a diary of your progress has been proven to be very beneficial while dieting and highly recommended by various nutritionists. It can be a great source of motivation, especially when you lack courage to go on. You should note your caloric contributions, moods, frustrations, lack of motivation, in fact anything that you want to write.

  1. Don’t fall when cracking

There is a great possibility to crack while dieting, but this should not stop you from having a balanced and healthy diet. Once it happens get a hold of yourself and resume your healthy eating routine.


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