19 Not-So-Known Uses of Lemon You’d Wish to Know Earlier

Lemon is well-recognized citrus fruit for its amazing health benefits, but this fruit can offer even more in terms of care and housing. There are certain household uses of which you have not been aware making it the ideal cleaning agent free of chemicals.

Here it is what lemon can offer:

Not So Known Lemon Uses

  1. The ideal wash of fruits and vegetables

If you cannot find organic fruits and vegetables, you can remove the pesticides form them by soaking them in a solution of 90% water and 10% lemon juice.

  1. Keeps the avocado fresh

If you sprinkle your avocado with lemon juice, you will manage to slow down the oxidation process. The lemon will impact the enzymes accountable for making your fruit brown.

  1. Keeps your salads fresh

If your salads have started to wilt, you can simply dip it in a bowl of cold water with lemon juice, and then put it in the refrigerator. Once you need to use it you will have fresh and crisp salad.

  1. Clean cutting board

This citrus fruit reveals antibacterial and antiseptic properties and for that purpose you should rub half a lemon on the cutting board and thus remove any bacterial residues. Thanks to its scent it will annihilate the strong onion or garlic smell.

  1. Removes bad odors from your garbage bin

The bad odor coming from your garbage bin can be eliminated if you place dry lemon peels at the bottom of the bin. In this way you will prevent the spread of bad smells in your whole house.

  1. Makes silverware/ steel / stainless steel shiny

Objects with this material you need to soak in solution mixed of a quantity of lemon juice with 5 quantities of water.

  1. Cleans plastic boxes

Plastic boxes usually catch bad odor and have stains, but that can be resolved by cleaning them with lemon.

  1. Brighter clothes

For that purpose you need to place lemon wedges in a cloth pouch and put it inside the drum of the machine. Just run the washing cycle and thus acquire brighter clothes.

  1. Cleans the inside of microwave

Juts put some lemon juice to heat in your microwave and in that way the residues will get easily removed by softening them.

  1. Removes rust stains

You should use the juice form a green lemon and salt. Combine these two ingredients and the resulting mixture apply it on the stains. However, this trick should not be used for marble because it can damage it.

  1. Eliminates mold stains

Do not throw away the clothes that have mold stains, all you need to do is to combine 50 cl of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of salt. Use it on the fabric and allow it to work.

  1. Cleans old age stains

Lemon contains citric acid thus revealing detergent and depigmenting features which are very useful in clearing up old age stains. All you need to do is to apply a few drops of lemon juice by using a cotton swab on the stains, and thus lighten the stains.

  1. Softens brown sugar

It is very common for the brown sugar to change its texture. So, if it hardens, then put a whole lemon in the bag and leave it to work till there is a difference in texture.

  1. An anti-dandruff treatment

You will have no more dandruff issues when you will start to use lemon. Thanks to its astringent effect it will tighten the cells of the scalp thereby preventing the production of dandruff. Plus, it will alleviate the itching as a result of the presence of fungi in the scalp that can cause dandruff. You should use lemon juice once or twice a week, and after that wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

  1. Healthy nails

If your nails are yellow and brittle, then the use of lemon will be very helpful. Thanks to its antiseptic effect it will keep your nails healthy, less brittle and yellow.

  1. Clear skin of blackheads

For that purpose you should use some lemon juice administrated with a cotton swab on the skin areas affected by blackheads. For better results, perform this treatment every evening.

  1. Prevention of kidney stones

Thanks to the content of citric acid that elevates the alkalinity of the pH of the urine lemon can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. You should consume a glass of lemon water every morning and thus contribute to better function of the kidneys.

  1. Treats fever

The consumption of lemon juice can help in the treatment of fever in case of colds or viral infections as per a released article in The International Research Journal of Pharmacy.

  1. A remedy against plantar warts

This skin condition can be treated by soaking minced lemon peel for 48 hours in white vinegar. The resulting mixture should be applied on the wart and then leave it to do its job for a whole night.


Lemon is known for its photosensitizing effects and because of that it should not be used during daytime, especially not before exposing your skin to the sun. The best application would be in the evening, and if you need to go out during the day make sure to nicely wash it off.


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