9 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight without Dieting or Starving

Overweight and obesity have risen in the past decades, but in the past it may have been only referred to the aesthetic part of the body which is only the mild drawback when compared to the state of your health.

There are many health risks as a result of overweight and because of that you need to take certain action to reduce the pile up of pounds. If you have experienced difficulties in the past in losing weight, then you are on the right site as we shall present you tips that can help you with this issue.

9 Effective Tips for Losing Weight

The basic principles for successful weight loss are healthy and balanced diet along with regular physical activity. Optimal hydration is another principle if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner. This is the only way that your body will keep the weight that you have recently lost it.

Adopting daily healthy habits is the key for successful weight loss. Here they are:

  1. Do not skip breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day that will offer the needed nutrients for the upcoming day. It will provide you with the needed energy and will prevent the unnecessary snacking between meals. The meals to follow will not be abundant as you have started the day with a full stomach.

  1. Eat slowly

Slow consumption of food makes your brain to believe that you have had enough and thus sends the signal of satiety. Namely, the brain takes time to receive the satiety signals, for instance 20 minutes before the first bite; the brain receives a stimulus indicating that the stomach is full. In order for that signal to reach the brain we need to savor every bite and chew it slowly so that to avoid the intake of excess food that will lead only to weight gain.

  1. Consume more foods with fiber

The consumed fiber swells in the stomach which the body needs to digest longer thereby promoting satiety. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. The former regulates glucose and cholesterol in the blood and the latter one betters intestinal transit thus preventing bloating.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber, vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals and can help in the weight loss process. They are low in calories and are packed with soluble fiber that slows blood sugar spikes, and prevents food cravings between meals.

  1. Consume more protein

It has been revealed that the consumption of proteins is very beneficial for the weight loss. The body needs more calories to digest them and they offer the feeling of fullness as they are not easily digestible.

Yet, you should be aware of the fact that high intake of animal protein can be very harmful for the overall health. Luckily, there are a wide range of plant proteins that are very effective for the weight loss and general health.

  1. Drink plenty of water during the day

Water is the essence of our survival and as well as for the weight loss process. Many people confuse the need for water with the need for food, and most people opt for the food which leads to weight gain. So, next time, when you are not sure whether you are hungry or thirsty first go for the glass of water.

  1. Follow a regular physical activity

80% is diet and 20% is physical activity for successful weight loss. Regular physical activity not only helps with the weight loss but as well as with the optimal body health. Therefore, introduce a regular physical activity as your routine like walking, running, swimming, tennis, basketball or whatever activity suits your needs. Sports activity brings joy into your daily life as the body releases endorphins after each sporting activity.

  1. Sleep enough

Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain as it makes you to eat more sugar and fat during the day. Hence, proper sleeping patterns are a must if you want to lose weight. You should have a 7-8 hour sleep every day and in order to achieve that you should go to bed every night at the same time. Establishing a good sleeping pattern will lead to healthy body that can shed all those unwanted pounds.

  1. Limit alcohol intake

Alcoholic beverages are packed with calories and its intake slows down satiety. Namely, in 1 gram of alcohol there are 7 calories contrary to 1 gram of sugar that brings 4 calories to the body. Plus, they cause deregulation in the sensations of hunger and thirst.

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