5-Minute Exercises for Flat Stomach to Do at Home

The most difficult body part of losing weight is for sure the abdomen. There is the most stubborn fat that needs to be removed from the root. Bear in mind that this fat is the trigger of many diseases, and because of that you should do all your best to lose it. In this article we shall present you 5-minute exercises that will help you in acquiring that flat stomach by burning the fat in your abdomen area.

The modern way of living is very hectic leaving us no time for additional physical activity, and as a result of the stress the pounds start to build-up day by day. Hence, we all need to follow exercises that do not last long but are very effective. These exercises are the right choice that will help in melting down the stubborn belly fat.

5-Minute Exercises for Flat Stomach

  1. Leg beats

The performance of this exercise will help in burning calories and belly fat, and as well as it is a great cardio workout that will make your trunk stronger.

For that purpose lie on the floor with your legs kept together. Next, squeeze your abs and raise your feet off the floor and then beat your legs up and down. Make 15 repetitions, make a break, and repeat the same movements again.

  1. Inverted abs

This movement will firm your lower abdominal muscles and target the main abdominal muscles meanwhile improving body posture.

Here it is how to perform it: take a lying position on your back, then put your hands on the ground and start elevating your legs at a 90-degree angle. Next, bring your legs and hips back so that your knees reach the chest. Do 15 repetitions, make a break, and repeat the whole cycle once again.


By doing this movement you will tone your gluteal muscles, improve the basic stability and better the flexibility.

For this one you need to take the standing position, and then throw your leg forward and back with one foot so that to finish in a slot position. Go back to your initial position, raise the other leg and kick forward. Once you are done return to the slot position. Perform 15 repetitions with each leg, make a pause, and repeat the same procedure.

  1. The mountaineer’s position

The performance of this exercise represents a full body workout that will enhance mobility, burn calories, and work the muscles of the upper arms.

Here it is how it goes: Position your body in a high plank posture by putting your hands under the shoulders and extending the legs backwards. In order your abdominal muscles to be worked maintain your body in a straight line. Next, bring one knee to the chest, and then return it to its initial position. Do the same movements with the other leg as well. Perform it 15 times, make a break, and repeat again.

  1. Bicycle

The performance of the bicycle exercise will help you in toning the muscles of the thighs, firming the muscles of the hip and engage the upper abdominal muscles.

You should take a lying position in the ground with your hands placed behind your head. Next, elevate your legs and bend one leg in turn in order to bring the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa just like riding a bicycle. Do 15 repetitions for each leg, make a break, and repeat it again.

  1. The “hops” on a bench

For the performance of this movement you will need a bench or chair. It will help you in burning calories, toning the leg muscles and strengthening the muscles of the lower body.

Put your hands on a bench or chair and then bring your feet closer to the right side, but make sure to maintain a straight back.

You should bend your knees and then jump over the bench to the left side, and then jump quickly to the right side without making a pause between jumps. Do 20 jumps on the bench, make a pause, and then repeat the movement.

  1. The crab position by touching the toes

The performance of this exercise will help you to work out your trunk, burn fat and work the muscles of the arms and calves.

Position your body on the ground, and then with your feet in front of you bend your knees by placing your hands behind your body, and start elevating the hips off the floor. Then, you should elevate your right hand meanwhile simultaneously lifting the left leg by trying to touch the toes of your left foot with your right hand. Go back to your initial position and perform the same movement with the other body side. Perform 16 toe touches, make a break, and repeat it again.


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