Your Blood Type Can Reveal Beautiful Things About Your Personality

Did you know that the blood type can determine your personality?

This has been extremely popular in Japan once Masahiko Nomi published his study on the close link between blood groups and personality. Scientists have also been intrigued by this connection and after this study there have been many studies regarding this issue.

Every person should know its blood type and if he or she has not, then they should as that can save their life. This will be of great help in cases of haemorrhages related to surgical operations, difficult deliveries or diseases that require blood transfusion.

Personality Features of Each Blood Group

Blood type – A

This is the second most common blood group in the world and 40% of the world population has it. It can be either A + (positive) or A- (negative).

In terms of character traits these people with this blood group are calm, organized, understanding, determined, and rational. These people by all means avoid conflict with other people and will do anything to prevent it. Strong personality is their main feature having the incredible ability to curb and control their emotions.  Other traits are perfection focusing on every detail, concentrating on achieving the target, and curiosity that emphasizes their features of personality.

They do not like drama in their lives and because of that they are reserved and have their own rules. Although they seem arrogant to other people they are in fact deeply sensitive.

Blood type – B

It is not a common blood group as only 11% of the people in the world have it. The most prominent features of this blood group are trust, passion, egocentrism, and impulsiveness. Plus, these people are being recognized for their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.

These people are unpredictable, never revealing what is going on in their heads, but this does not mind them. Nonetheless, they are also kind, enthusiastic, and charming people and many people are fond of them. When they need to perform a certain task they engage both their mind and heart. Additionally, they are great adventurers.

Blood type – AB

AB blood group is very rare because only 4% of the people in the world have it. The personal characteristics of the people belonging to this group are wisdom, confidence and ambition.

These people work with a lot of dexterity and are very tidy. Plus, they are considered objective and unbiased. By no means will they ever be a part of a dirty business. Since it is a combination of the A and B blood group, people in this group resemble both the A and B group characters, and because of that they are characterized with multiple personality.

Blood type – O

This is the blood group that most people in the world have it, 45%. The main traits of this blood group are: punctuality, caution, responsibility, and commitment.

People belonging to the blood group O take their responsibilities very seriously and that makes them very reliable and credible. They are considered the best employees and because of that the Japanese businessmen are always interested in hiring them.

They commit to the very end of their goals, and they always play safe in reaching their goals and expectations. However, they are great companions because they are understanding and ready to listen to others and always offer the needed comfort without any hesitation.


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