Here are 8 Amazing Uses of Soap Bar You Probably Never Knew

Soap is a staple ingredient in every household commonly used for washing your hands. However, this basic ingredient can offer a wide range of benefits for your households of which you have probably have not been even aware.

8 Amazing Uses of Soap Bar

  1. Protection for your plants

In order to repel pests and parasites from your plants you should hang a bar of soap or simply ground it on the soil. If you opt for hanging, you can use an old pair of tights or mash bag for easy suspension.

  1. Alleviates the itching of the insects

Mosquito bites during summertime is a common thing which can be very unpleasant especially the itching part. But, a soap bar can be very helpful in the relief of the itching part, just wet it, and then rub it on the affected place.

  1. A Restless Legs Syndrome Relief

Although this method has not been scientifically proven, you can still try it as there is nothing to lose. Namely, Dr. Mehmet Oz of the “Dr. Oz Show” suggests that the use of a lavender soap bar that has been placed under bed sheets can alleviate restless leg syndrome. He believes that lavender scent will offer the needed relaxation that is very beneficial for the overall health.

  1. Refreshment of suitcases, cupboards, drawers, and cars

A bar of soap can refresh many items in your household and for that purpose wrap a scented bar in a cloth like an old washcloth. Put it inside your drawers, cupboards, closets, suitcases and car thus offering the refreshing scent. This method will be very handy in cases of smelly shoes and boots.

  1. ideHide wall holes with a bar of soap

Walls that have holes as a result of nails are not pleasant to look at, but the soap will be very useful. All you need is to rub a bar of soap with the same color as the wall and fill the hole and thus cleverly conceal the void.

  1. Prevents fogging on glasses and mirrors

Having a fogged mirror after a hot shower is a normal thing which no one likes. But, that will not be an issue for you anymore if you rub a dry bar of soap on the mirror. Make certain not to wet the mirror, just remove any residue with a dry cloth. This method can be used on glasses as well.

  1. Softens the leather of new shoes

New shoes can easily cause you painful blisters, especially if you wear them without socks. In order to prevent this, you need to rub a slightly softened soap bar inside the back of the shoes. If you use this method several times, the leather will eventually soften.

  1. Stuck zipper

It must have happened to you, but instead of to force it having the risk to break it, all you need is to rub it with soap and thus release it.

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