6 Popular Weight Loss Diets That Might Be Dangerous to Your Health

Being on a diet is something that we have all experienced or at least seen in our friends. There are a wide range of diets promising quick results so that you can wear the jeans that you have always liked or enter that fabulous wedding dress following a 5-day weight loss program.

The urge to obtain the wanted body shape is understandable as in this modern way of living the strive for slim bodies is higher than ever before. However, no matter how quickly you will manage to lose weight due to this diet, you need to know that this quick weight loss is not always good for your health. There are some diets that you should not follow if you want to protect your health.

Although these diets promise quick loss sometimes that is not true and all that starving and deprivation of food is not worth it. No matter how popular a diet can be it does not necessarily mean that it will offer the results that it promises. In fact, most of these diets are not successful, and that can be devastating as 80% of the people who follow these diets recover their lost pounds and 95% take back even more.

A healthy weight loss is based on three principles: a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity and optimal body hydration.

A team of specialists have drawn up a list of 6 dieting schemes that you should never try. Here are some of them.

6 Harmful Diets for Your Body

  1. The alkaline diet

The base of this diet is exclusion of dairy products, meat, carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. They should be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. But, according to the Medical News Today removing a food group from your diet, which does not refer to processed foods, can compromise the health of the body. It may lead to weight loss, but it will as well as raise the risk of developing other problems like weak bones and muscles.

  1. The raw vegan diet

This type of diet removes each food ingredient that contains animal protein, and focuses on raw eating. The raw diet is high in foods and plants that should offer a wide range of health benefits. But, when you exclude certain food products there are also risks like enduing up with weak muscles and bones, tooth decay and lower fertility.

  1. The cabbage soup diet

This is probably the oldest diet that promotes weight loss. It is based on the consumption of only cabbage soup for a week. It is followed only for one week and in that period you cannot lose many pounds. You cannot follow it for a longer period as if you do then you will significantly endanger your overall health and well-being.

  1. The cookie diet

It was originally designed by Dr. Siege and it is based on eating cookies for breakfast and snacks. The dinner should be consumed as usual. The consumption of cookies for breakfast and snacks will provide your body with 500 to 600 calories a day. In this way you are eating only protein and biscuits that are high in fiber, and along with the regular dinner you will take in a total of 1000 to 1200 calories a day. As per the findings of Dr. Melinda Ratini, low calorie diets are not easy to follow, and the chances that this weight loss will last for longer period of time are slim as it is not a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. The blood group diet

Peter D’Adamo is the inventor of this diet who is also a physicist maintaining that the blood type of a person determines the right foods for your body. The blood group diet was developed in 1996, and it has become very popular and shared on all social networks. People very easily succumb to everything that is presented on the net, but everything needs to be checked first. Namely, the Canadian researchers have confirmed that this weight loss program does not have solid grounds.

  1. The werewolf diet

This diet is very much valued by Hollywood stars like Demi Moore or Madonna and because of that has become very popular. This diet regime does not involve any eating of food products and because of that it is also referred as to the water diet. On specific days like a full moon and a new moon, one should not eat anything but only drink water and fruit juice. However, this type of fasting is not effective and could pose a threat for your well-being and health.


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