7 Extraordinary Uses of Lemon as a Beauty Agent Most People Never Knew About

Physical beauty has been always appreciated in the past, but not like in this modern age where people spend tons of money to acquire that most appreciated trendy look. Flawless skin and impeccable complexion is one of the set principles of beauty, there are also the hair, nails, and teeth. There are various products on the market targeting each specific aspect and most of them are rather expensive. But, what if tell you that all you need is to use only one natural ingredient that will offer all the above mentioned. We are talking about the lemon which is easily available, effective and safe for use unlike the commercial products that are most likely packed with harmful chemicals.

Even the most famous bloggers like Huda Kattan recognized the amazing beauty virtues of the lemon. Lemon is an incredible citrus fruit offering a wide spectrum of health benefits, but as well as acts as a powerful slimming and beauty agent. Here it is how it can be used as a beauty agent.

7 Lemon Beauty Uses

  1. Brighter skin complexion

If you have dull complexion, then the lemon is the right solution for you. This fruit reveals antioxidant and antiseptic properties that are very beneficial for the skin. Namely, the use of lemon will help in the removal of all impurities that clog the pores and at the same time tighten them. Thanks to its properties your skin will become radiant and nicely toned. For that purpose prepare the following solution, in a bowl of warm water combine the juice of half a lemon and use this solution onto your face and neck. Leave it to act for a few minutes and after that wash it off.

  1. Diminishes dark circles

Dark circles make the skin to look tired, especially your eyes. Lemon is packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that will help with this issue. You need to juice out a lemon and in it soak cotton pads. Use them on your dark circles for 10 minutes before going to bed. Make sure to avoid any contact with your eyes, hence use this treatment carefully. It needs to be performed once or twice a week till you obtain satisfactory results.

  1. Effectively cleans facial skin

Lemon demonstrates mildly abrasive action and antiseptic and astringent action which are very beneficial for the cleaning of the skin. It will remove dead skin cells, lower the occurrence of blackheads by tightening the pores and destroy bacteria that cause these imperfections.

Here it is how to use it: mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, a spoon of caster sugar and a spoonful of olive oil. This combination will offer the ideal homemade scrub. Apply it onto your face by performing circular notions. Use it only once per week.

  1. Fades away wrinkles

Wrinkles are the first aging signs and no one likes them. But, lemon is high in vitamin C which is vital for collagen production, plus it shows a powerful antioxidant effects that prevent the aging of cells thereby the occurrence of wrinkles. You should heat in a saucepan 15cl of liquid cream and 20cl of milk. Remove it from heat and once it is warm add two slices of lemon. Let it stand for a few hours, and after that use this homemade lotion onto your face and neck.

  1. Nice looking nails

Our nails get yellowish and broken due to the persistent use of varnishes and as well as from smoking. The use of lemon will restore their natural beauty particularly when combined with olive oil. All you need to do is to gently massage the nails and cuticles with this preparation two times a week, and thus have nice looking nails.

  1. Shiny hair

Excess sebum contributes to the appearance of greasy hair thus displaying unpleasant appearance. This is easily solved with the lemon use, and for that you need to prepare the following mask: 12 tablespoons of olive oil, 8 tablespoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture onto your hair all the way and leave it to act for around 10 minutes. After that nicely wash it off.

  1. Whiter teeth

Your yellowish teeth will be white again thanks to the content of citric acid in lemon. It will lower the tartar plaque that is being built on the teeth. However, you need to be careful about its use since lemon reveals abrasive properties that can harm the tooth enamel. It can be done only once per week and to be on the safe side scrub your teeth with the organic lemon zest prior brushing the teeth.


Lemon reveals photosensitizing properties, and because of that it should be used only in the evening before bedtime and make sure to rinse it. If you have used it during the day do not go outside. If you experience any skin irritations stop its use and wash it off with warm water.

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