Keep a Cut Lemon near Your Bed for a Few Days to Remove Negative Energies from Your Life

In the world we live in we are surrounded with negative and positive energies that influence our way of living. Some may be skeptic about this, but it is true. They can affect our health, well-being and mood. Therefore, you need to find a way how to eliminate these bad waves from your surrounding so that you have more fulfilling life.

Lemon is the magical trick, this citrus fruit has the ability to chase bad waves and purify the mind. It is packed with valuable nutrients that protect our body from various diseases, but as well as it is powerful enough to remove negative energies.

Lemon slices near your bed

This is the trick that will improve the quality of your life which has been practiced by Buddhist monks, practitioners of Feng Shui. They believed that used lemons made life peaceful and positive, and because of that they used this fruit in spiritual practices.

This fruit offers a wide spectrum of benefits starting as a healing agent, air cleanser, tooth whitener, beauty solution, refresher, relaxing agent and cleaning agent. However, its presence in your bedroom and house can also bring the calmness that we all seek through our lives. Lemon slices can offer all that by relaxing the mind and trigger the positive attitude in us.

Here it is how to experience even more positive results:

First you need to take a fresh lemon and then cut it into quarters. Put grains of salt on each quarter. Then, close the lemon by assembling the slices. Make certain that the salt remains inside the fruit. Put it at the entrance of your home or in your room for a few days.

Perform this procedure for three days consecutively and very soon you will experience the positive ways that surround you.

Take lemon on your trips

It may seem odd, but taking lemons with you on your trip can protect you from all the bad energies that are out there. All you need to do is to place a whole lemon in the pocket of your jacket or in your bag. You should have it with you all the time. Once it becomes dry, take another fresh lemon. The lemon will dry out more rapidly when there is a negative energy around you.

Have you been aware of the fact that even the objects that surround you can release negative waves?

This can be easily solved by combining lemon juice with water and use this solution to clean the furniture, accessories and jewelry. Do it often and you will free the objects from the negative energy. This will significantly help you in having good mood.

Aside better mood the lemon present in your home will offer energy and strength, especially the lemon leaves.

Lemon leaves can boost the energy and vitality of an individual, and because of that we recommend the consumption of lemon leaves infusion before bedtime. Drink this infusion at least for one week every night. This consumption will elevate your stamina and strength.

The presence of lemons will attract love, energy, prosperity, peace and relaxation. They will make your life better offering the needed positivity, peace and tranquility. This is something that we all need in this stressful world filled with negativity. But, why always to feel those bad ways when there is a natural way to eliminate them from our lives and achieve that always wanted Zen state.

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