The Shape of Your Chin Reveals Many Things About Your Distinct Personality

Each person is unique as we all differ in terms of thought, feeling, and behavior. There are two main axes of our personality: the first one is based on understanding the individual traits and differences of certain characteristics of the personality and the second one is based on understanding how the various aspects of one’s personality are combined together. Hence, the concept of personality is based on the symbiosis of thoughts, values, feelings, and behaviors of a certain person over time. There is also another simple method that can reveal the personality of the person we meet and that is the shape of the chin.

The Psychological Explanation of Personality

We are constantly defining people according to their personality which we base on the way how they react, think on daily basis. These conclusions that we have in our minds for the people that are around us does not that much differ from the ones that personality psychologists offer. Nonetheless, this is only an informal assessment of a personality of a certain individual and it is concluded from the focus on individuals. On the other hand, personality psychologists deduct their conclusion from relatively collective conceptions.

How psychology explains personality?

The word personality comes from the Latin word “persona”, referring to a theater mask that was carried by the performers in theatre when performing different roles or to simply hide their identities. There are many explanations about the way how personality is created. According to many psychological studies the personality of individuals is distinguished by their individual behaviors and characteristics, meaning the specific way of talking, walking, living or expressing feelings and impulses. Other areas of psychology analyze functions and processes like reflection, attention, or motivation. However, more comprehensive research focuses on how these aspects of one’s personality fit together and thus provide each person’s identity or distinct personality.

Experts have offered a five-factor model that evaluates the five essential aspects or traits of an individual’s personality. Bear in mind that this model is based on a range between two extremes and most people are somewhere in between the two ends of each model.

The Big Five Model

Here how psychologists describe the five categories of personality:

  1. Openness to experience

These people are open to adventure, new experience, they are curious, and very much value art and new things. The opposite from these people are the ones that prefer to stick to their habits, avoid adventures and new experiences.

  1. Consciousness

The factor of consciousness refers to people that are conscientious with a keen sense of duty. They are well organized, disciplined, reliable, and focused on their achievements. Contrary to the less conscientious people that have a tendency of neglect and are more spontaneous.

  1. Extraversion

Psychologists divide people in extrovert and introverts. The first group of people is more sociable, talkative, and has the need to often assert themselves. The second group refers to people that need to be alone more as their brains treat social interactions differently.

  1. Kindness

Here the people are divided according o the factor of warmth and kindness. Pleasant people always show warmth and kindness towards other people, and the unpleasant ones are cold, suspicious and not cooperative.

  1. Neuroticism

This factor characterizes people by their moods, sadness, and emotional insecurity.

These were the explanations coming from the psychologists, but we have a simpler explanation of a personality just by the shape of the chin a person has. Here it is:

How the shape of the chin reveals personality traits?

Round chin

People with this type of chin are always optimistic. They care about the people that surround them and would help anyone that have the need for it.

Long chin

They are friendly, caring and faithful. These people are appreciated by their coworkers and friends. The most prominent feature is the ability of diplomacy making them an excellent mediator in difficult situations.

Square chin

These people are straightforward, getting right to the point when communicating with other people. But, they are very stubborn and never compromise when trying to get what they really want.

Narrow and short chin

They are sensitive and bring joy to others and because of that people love to listen to them. Great intellectuals with sharp mind, but as well as fun and very comfortable with other people.

Retracted chin

This means that people with this type of chin are very popular and because of that easily make friends with total strangers. They have the ability to attract luck and good fortune.

Protruding chin

These people are hard workers and they try their best towards the wanted success. In this strive they are full of confidence and energy which makes them almost always successful.

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