Here’s Why You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Every Day

Chocolate is the favorite food for many people and it is the great treat that we all want to experience during the day. If you are a fan of the chocolate, then you should know that the dark one is the healthy option that you can consume it freely without having the guilt. Namely, the dark chocolate is beneficial for the brain, heart and skin.

According to Professor Henri Joyeux, chocolate is high in antioxidants, in fact, it contains four times more antioxidants than black tea. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content reveals high nutritional value as it is packed with soluble fiber and minerals. This food is one of the few that has incredible flavor, but that is very beneficial for the body.

Health Virtues of Dark Chocolate

Healthy for the Heart

The cocoa contains bioactive compounds that can better the blood flow in the arteries thus substantially lowering blood pressure.

As per conducted study on the effects of dark chocolate, released by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it can reduce blood pressure in healthy individuals, increase insulin sensitivity, decrease insulin resistance and lower the risk of blood clotting.

However, this study does not reveal an obvious positive impact on people that already suffer from cardiovascular disease or diabetes; it can help, but not replace the conventional treatment. Nonetheless, the consumption of the dark chocolate can really help in better health of the heart and blood vessels.

Healthy for the Brain

Dark chocolate contains substance that is beneficial for the brain like the content of flavanols. These compounds are also present in other foods like apples, pears, and tea that can enhance the cardiovascular health and cognitive performance according to Henri Joyeux.

As per performed study at the University of L’Aquila in L’Aquila, Italy, flavanols can directly influence person’s ability to focus and absorb the given information, and as well as better preserve and understand it. Thanks to the content of flavanols the reading comprehension and memory are being boosted.

According to other scientific studies the intake of dark chocolate can be very beneficial for the older generation improving their cognitive abilities, especially in the ones that suffer from mental disabilities.

Healthy for the Skin

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants that are highly beneficial for the health of the skin. It can be used either internally or externally with chocolate-based facial scrubs. As per the findings of several researches released in an article in the journal Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, the dark chocolate as a result of its antioxidant properties can protect the skin form the harmful UV rays.

It was shown that cocoa flavanols can better the blood flow and thus reach every skin cell protecting it from sun damage.

Have in mind that although very healthy the dark chocolate needs to be consumed moderately as overuse for a longer period of time can be harmful for your health.


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