99% of People Make These 2 Mistakes when Drinking Lemon Water

The consumption of lemon water is the best thing that you can do for your body and overall health. The benefits of its use are enormous and many people who have picked up this habit confirmed only amazing positive effects.

Lemon is a powerful citrus fruit that it acts as natural diuretic, boosts body’s metabolism thus making it a great slimming ally.  It is the most popular fruit in the world as it is refreshing in a form of lemonade in those scorching hot days, and in winter days it is a great ally in fighting the cold or flu.

It is believed that it was first cultivated by the Greek and the Romans as per the displayed mosaics by these ancient nations. However, some believe that Christopher Colombo was the first person that introduced lemon after his expedition to America in 1493. Nonetheless, the most accepted one is that this citrus is native to the Kashmir region of India and China, and it reached Europe by Arabs travelling via the Mediterranean basin.

Health and Slimming Virtues of Lemon

  1. Potent antioxidant activity

This fruit is known for its wide spectrum of flavonoids and limonoids revealing powerful antioxidant effect that is very beneficial in the prevention of a cardiovascular disease and those ones connected to cholesterol.

  1. A great source of fiber

It contains soluble fiber, the most valuable pectin that is present in the fine white flesh of the fruit and in the bark. Lemon is well recognized for its slimming properties and its ability to better assimilate carbohydrates and lipids.

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect

The lemon zest is packed with organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid and formic acid that support body’s digestion and protect the body against the occurrence of various inflammatory diseases.

Thanks to these magnificent properties the lemon water is a powerful detox agent. The rich content of vitamin C lowers blood pressure and prevents fatigue while sports activities and muscle cramps.

Nevertheless, the power of lemon water is not in all people the same. According to naturopathy the blood type determines whether this beverage will be very effective for the person, depending on the body structure, complexion and the tendency of quickly gaining weight. The treatment with lemon water would best suit the sanguino-plethoric person by its morphology and the function of the metabolism.

The Preparation of Lemon Water

In order to enjoy all the benefits that this beverage can offer to your body, you need to be careful about the way you prepare it. There are some common mistakes that most of people make it, here they are:

1st Mistake:

People tend to throw away the lemon peels, but in the zest of the lemon is the highest content of pectin like the bark and the small white skin of lemon. Therefore, first collect the zest of your lemons prior juicing them and add it into your lemon water. The benefits that your body will receive are far from amazing. However, the lemon that you use must be organic, and if you are not sure for its authenticity wash it with a mixture of water and vinegar and thus eliminate the traces of pesticides.

2nd Mistake:

Although very beneficial, if it is not rinsed after its consumption with water it may damage your tooth enamel. For that purpose, after drinking it make certain to first rinse your mouth and then brush your teeth with toothpaste. Have in mind that the damage of the lemon acidity will occur after half an hour of the consumption of lemon water.


People with stomach ulcers, burns, kidney and biliary disorders should not use lemon. This also applies for people that are allergic to citrus fruit.

Prior initiating any new natural remedy or treatment it is always best first to consult your doctor.


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