Natural Banana and Honey Remedy to Treat Cough & Bronchitis

Coughing can be a real nuisance, especially when occurs at night. In some cases it can be so severe that the affected person is left without sleep making him even to vomit. This condition can be treated naturally thanks to the existence of effective natural foods that have been proven to be very efficient.

In this article we shall focus on the use of banana that has been shown to be very effective in cases of a sore throat and cough. All you need is to add two more ingredients and thus obtain the best remedy for these health conditions.

Banana is a tropical fruit that offers an incredible delicious taste, but it is also very beneficial for the overall health like the cardiovascular health and the respiratory and digestive system.

The Amazing Banana

It is packed with potassium, a valuable mineral that keeps fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients and waste in the cells. This mineral facilitates regular heart beat and diminishes the negative effect of sodium on blood pressure. Plus, it assists he muscles to contract and the nerve cells to react.

The banana is also packed with other vital nutrients, including vitamin B6, vitamin C, carbohydrates, proteins, magnesium, and many other vitamins and minerals.

Health Virtues of Bananas

Their consumption will boost the body’s immunity due to the high content of vitamin C. This fruit will provide the body with minerals and antioxidants highly needed when experiencing cold and fever. According to a conducted study by the Imperial College of London, children who consume a banana a day are at 34% less likely to develop asthma. Moreover, this fruit is available all year round, so there is no reason why not to introduce it into your diet. You can eat it raw or simply add it into your morning bowl of cereals or oatmeal.

If you suffer from cough or bronchitis, then by all means prepare the following recipe and alleviate your ongoing issue. Here it is:

A Natural Banana-Based Remedy for Cough and Bronchitis

The recipe of this remedy is based on honey and bananas. Once combined, they offer the amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will fight off the cough. It is very effective as it contains nutrients and vitamins that help in neutralizing the effects of cough fatigue.

This delicious remedy is ideal for children and as well as for adults, but due to the content of honey it not recommended for infants that have not reached their first birthday.

On the other hand, honey is a potent natural ingredient that along with the banana can easily soothe the cough. It is rich in sugar that will promote higher saliva secretion which is helpful when coughing as its excess will soften the throat which has been irritated by the cough.

Aside the fact that this remedy is great for soothing a cough it can be very beneficial in the treatment of other health conditions like stomach and throat issues.

Here it is the recipe:

The used ingredients are enough for one daily dose.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 medium ripe bananas
  • 2 tablespoons of pure organic honey
  • 2 cups of boiling water


In a saucepan boil the water while peeling off the skin from the bananas. Mash the bananas in a bowl by using a fork or wooden spoon. Next, pour over the banana puree the boiling water and leave it to steep for around 30 minutes. Honey must be added only when the mixture is warm so that this ingredient does not lose its valuable properties.


Consume half a cup of this remedy 4 times a day. The preparation needs to be fresh, prepared on the day when you will use it. The next day you should prepare another one. Consume it for 5 days and you will experience incredible results.


Banana can interact with certain medications prescribed for heart disease as it is packed with potassium. Therefore, foods that are high in potassium, including the banana need to be consumed moderately.

The consumption of banana is not recommended for people whose kidneys are not fully functional.


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