9 Ways to Detox Your Whole Body with Lemon

Your body needs to get purified from time to time so that it can function accordingly. The constant impact of toxins, leading unhealthy lifestyle, and being physical inactive are making you to feel tired, lack energy or not having enough sleep. These conditions are signals that your body is overwhelmed with toxins.

Toxins are everywhere around us, in the cleaning products we use, in the food, air, water as a result of which the needed nutrients for the body are decreased which impedes the proper function of the body. Therefore, we need to clean our body so that all its functions are performed accordingly.

9 Lemon Detox Treatments

These treatments will remove the toxins from your body making it stronger in the fight against various diseases. Lemon is an amazing detox agent that will provide your body with valuable nutrients and vitamins that will boost the overall health and well-being.

  1. Lemon in all your juices

You can squeeze your various fruits at home but the inclusion of lemon will additionally flavor your homemade juices and boost their nutritional value. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that can fight off the harmful effects of the free radicals.

  1. Lemon water

The intake of lemon water will bring a wide range of health benefits for your body. It will lower the bad-LDL cholesterol levels and protect your body from certain diseases like atherosclerosis. Plus, it will remove the plaque that clogs the arteries resulting in the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Lemon smoothie

This is the best way to start your day that will boost your energy levels, metabolism and clean the liver from toxins. Here it is how to prepare it: mix a few lemon wedges, water and fresh lemon juice and your morning smoothie is ready for consumption.

  1. Warm lemon water

The intake of this beverage as a first thing in the morning will bring numerous health benefits for your body. It is prepared with warm water and lemon juice. Its consumption will stimulate the intestinal movements and clean the liver. For optimal effects, you should consume warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Green tea with lemon

Green tea is an amazing tea that reveals many health virtues, but when combined with lemon its effects are even more boosted. The lemon enhances the antioxidant action of catechins present in the tea thus allowing the body to reap all its benefits even after digestion.

  1. Lemon and ginger for the cold

If you are having a cold or flu, then this combination would be ideal for you. It is the perfect remedy for these conditions as it acts as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. In order to enjoy their benefits simply combine fresh ginger of around 5 cm with lemon juice obtained from 2 lemons. Next, add a little bit of water and consume 1 glass of this mixture.

  1. Lemon and turmeric for the skin

The detox treatment can be as well as performed externally and via our largest body organ, the skin, the toxins will get removed. In this way the toxins will get eliminated from the skin that clog its pores, thus making it naturally glowing and radiant. For that purpose, you need to prepare a paste by combining lemon juice with turmeric. Apply this mixture as a mask on your body and thanks to the content of lemon it will remove the scars and brown spots by detoxifying your blood. On the other hand, the presence of turmeric will protect your body from the external aggression thanks to its antioxidant effect.

  1. Seasoning dishes

You should reduce the use of salt and thus prevent the occurrence of bloating, and the most natural alternative is the use of lemon that will offer the needed flavor for the various dishes and at the same time boost your health.

  1. Seasoning salads

Replace all those unhealthy sauces that are rich in calories, fat, sodium and added sugars with lemon. Seasoning your salads with lemon will contribute to effective weight loss and when combined with olive oil this seasoning will become a powerful health booster.


People suffering from stomach ulcer, kidney stones, stomach upset, or gall bladder should not consume lemon.

These detox treatments are very beneficial for people in general good health, and if you have some health issue or have any doubt please first consult your doctor prior following up any of these treatments.


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