Here are Some Traditional Uses of Garlic to Treat Toothaches, Ear Infections, Eliminate Acne & More…

Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic known for its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is very beneficial in the treatment of cold or flu, and as well as in many other health disorders. Its potency lies in the presence of a powerful compound known as allicin that can protect the body from severe health conditions. Plus, it contains plenty of antioxidants and sulfur compounds thanks to which it can treat and prevent the appearance of several diseases like various infections, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. This plant can offer even more and some of them may seem unusual for you.

11 Beneficial and Odd Uses of Garlic

  1. Melts ice

Garlic can quickly melt the snow or ice, and for all that you need to pour some garlic powder on it.

  1. Fades away cracks on glass

Even if it is very unusual use it is very efficient and can repair glass cracks. For that purpose, you need to rub a garlic clove on the crack for a few seconds and thus make it to fade away.

  1. Removes thorns without pain

Thorns can sometimes stick deeply in the skin, especially the ones that are small in size. In order to remove them easily and painlessly, you should put a garlic clove on the affected area and then cover it with a plaster. Leave it during the night and the following day, and after that remove the dressing. The thorn will be successfully removed without redness or swelling.

  1. Baits fish

This trick is well-known by many fishermen who rub garlic on the worm or rubber bait so that they can better attract fish.

  1. Keeps insects at bay

If you want to protect your plants from the attacks of insects, then make sure not to use chemicals. For that purpose, combine some garlic cloves with water in a spray bottle, and with the resulting mixture spray the plants you want to protect.

  1. Fights against acne and pimples

You can battle this condition if you use garlic, and that can be achieved in two ways. The first way is by consuming it regularly to boost the immunity and remove the toxins accountable for inflammation of your skin. The second way is to use it directly on pimples in order to lower the inflammation and redness.

  1. Facial cleaning

Instead of the standard use of chemicals that cause skin irritations, you should use garlic to clean your face. The content of allicin along with its potent antibacterial properties will successfully cleanse your skin without attacking it.

  1. Treats an ear infection

In order to treat ear infections in a natural way and thus lower the pain you should take a few garlic cloves and then grate or crush them so that you can extract the juice. Drop some of this juice into your ear and thus soothe the pain.

  1. Alleviates a toothache

If your dentist’s appointment is not very soon, you can alleviate the toothache by applying a garlic clove on the decayed tooth or on the inflamed gum. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties the pain will be quickly relieved. For a quick relief, you can as well as chew one or two garlic cloves.

  1. Removes fungal infections in the feet

Fungal infections can be very stubborn and difficult to eliminate, but by soaking your feet in a basin filled with water and garlic cloves for half an hour you can treat them successfully. As an alternative you can combine a few garlic cloves with olive oil and use the resulting mixture on your feet, focusing on your skin or nails that have been affected by fungus. If you apply these treatments on regular basis, you will manage to hamper the development of fungi accountable for the infection.

  1. Treats colds and flu

Garlic is known for its powerful its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that boost the immunity and thus help the body to fight off viruses that cause colds and flu.


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