Amazing Health Benefits of Eating 1 Banana & 1 Avocado Daily

Mother Nature has offered to us so many food products that are valuable for our health, and all we need to do is to use them and thus gain the most of their valuable nutrients that can properly feed our bodies thereby boosting our overall health. The consumption of fruit and vegetables can bring only good for our body, especially if we regularly consume avocado and banana. Here it is what each food product can offer to our body:

Health Virtues of Avocado

Avocado is high in magnesium, potassium, vitamins K, B9 and A, and also in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. This makes it official that avocado can properly take care of your body. It supports the removal of toxins, enhances the work of the digestive system and offers a lasting feeling of satiety thanks to its high dietary fiber content thus contributing to weight loss. This fruit takes a crucial role in a healthy diet. Plus, it can be utilized in cosmetics thanks to the content of vitamin E, a valuable compound that can fight off the damage caused by free radicals like skin aging.

Health Virtues of Banana

This delicious fruit is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins B6, C, B9 and trace elements like magnesium and potassium. Thanks to this valuable content the intake of banana can prevent many health issues.

As per a performed study by the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Sweden, the banana can be extremely valuable fruit. This study focused on the relation between fruit and vegetable intake and lowering the risk of kidney cancer. After comprehensive analyses it has been revealed that banana can prevent its appearance.

Plus, it can treat diarrhea, remove toxins from the body, support intestinal transit, battle against fatigue and better the mood.

What can bring a daily consumption of banana and avocado every day?

If you consume and combine these fruits every day, they will offer an effective protection against magnesium and potassium shortages and act against many cardiovascular disorders.

Both avocado and the banana are packed with potassium and thus protect your body against the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

As per a performed study by the University of Alabama and released at the JCI Insight the presence of potassium in food can prevent the onset of a cardiovascular disease. It is highly beneficial if you struggle with clogged arteries which are accountable for heart attack, hypertension, and stroke arteriosclerosis or aging of the arteries.

Other study conducted by the Sun-Yat-Sen University in China on the effects of fruits in preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases, it was revealed that avocado and banana are the most effective fruits. They are extremely protective in the case of our cardiovascular health and skin as well. Plus, they can regulate lipid metabolism, blood pressure and heart rate. Likewise, they can lower oxidative stress, and inflammation in the body.

Consuming banana and avocado every day will bring great benefits for your body like boosting the digestive system, keeping mental health and reducing fatigue. Hence, make sure to introduce these fruits into your daily diet and reap all its amazing benefits.


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