15 Minute Fat Burning Exercises for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Go to the Gym

Losing weight is a hard process that requires great will and diligence. But, sometimes it seems that no matter how hard we try there are some stubborn fats that are very visible, especially the ones on the belly. Those not so pleasant folds and bulges present on the body are very difficult to remove and sometimes even if we have the will to do it there is not enough time to visit the gym. However, you should not get restricted to going to the gym when there are some physical activities that can be performed almost anywhere and are very helpful in losing the weight in these places.

These exercises last only for 15 minutes and are very effective in burning belly fat. Moreover, you can perform them in the comfort of your home or during the break in your office. These exercises are simple and targeted movements that target those bulges of the belly. The results will be inevitable if you combine them with a healthy diet and in that way stimulate the work of your metabolism which will contribute to fast burning of the fat.

Have in mind that the gym is not the only place where you can lose weight just look around and there are many other possibilities for that.

  1. Tighten lateral abs with a chair

You can practice the side abdominals by using a chair. The belly fat is not only accumulated at the front but as well as at the sides of the belly, and because of that all stomach muscles need to be targeted in order to obtain satisfactory results.

For this movement, the chair is the support for your body. Lie on your side supporting with your left hand, and place the right hand behind your head. Start to lift your legs up and down. Change sides and repeat the same movement. For both sides of the body you need to spend 15 minutes so that the exercise is complete.

  1. Work your abs by sitting in a chair

This is a great exercise that can be performed in your office. It will target your abdominals and efficiently tone your stomach.

Take a sitting position but rest on the edges of the chair. Start by elevating your legs and then holding them straight in front of you. When you have managed to extend them nicely, fold them back by bringing your knees to the chest. You should do 3 sets of 20 repetitions in order to obtain optimal results.

  1. Perform inverted abs

For this movement you do not need to use the chair, just have a yoga mat and lie on the back. The performance of this movement in only a few minutes will stimulate your abdominal muscles.

Take a lying position on your back and then position your arms flat with your palms facing down and start stretching your legs. When they are nicely stretched, start elevating your legs and use the needed energy for this movement from your abdominals. This movement needs to be done smoothly so that it becomes effective. In order for your muscles to be nicely worked up, perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

  1. The V-shape movement

This movement can appear to be very difficult, but do not give up immediately as this one is the most effective against belly fat.

Take a lying position with your arms and legs straight. Next, elevate your bust and legs in order to create the angle of the two parts that form the letter V. In this position extend your arms by trying to touch your toes and after that slowly go back to your starting position. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

  1. The Russian rotation or the “Russian Twist”

This movement can be easily done at the comfort of your home which will work your abdominal muscles and strengthen the upper torso.

Begin this exercise by sitting on the floor on your yoga mat. Then start lifting your legs having your feet glued to each other. Your back should be at a 45 degree angle. When you manage to reach this position, start swinging your arms together from the left to the right side. You should perform the swinging part slowly so that the movement is effective and thus deeply workout your abdominals.  Do it for 15 minutes without interruption.

  1. Perform cardio while climbing the stairs

This movement will not only target your abdominals but as well as shape your body. Climbing the stairs for 15 minutes will provide you with all that. This cardio exercise will use the fat reserves in order to produce the energy your body needs. If you are a beginner do not go immediately for the 15-minute, but start with the time that suits you and then gradually increase the duration and intensity of this workout. Just after a few months of practicing this exercise you will notice a great improvement of your physical condition, and as well as a firm and toned body with flat and muscular belly.


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