Tips from Japanese Women to Follow Daily for Young & Fresh Skin

You have all noticed how youthful Japanese women look no mater of their age and that is achieved only by the use of natural ingredients. In that way they have that nice looking porcelain complexion and silky hair. According to the Savvy Tokyo, a Japanese women’s beauty magazine, there are several tips that can be very helpful in maintaining our natural beauty.

Tips to Follow Daily for Young and Fresh Skin

Mother Nature has provided us with a wide range of natural ingredients that can be of great assistance in keeping radiant and healthy looking skin. Japanese women use every ingredient that nature offers and utilize all its virtues and thus they have their beauty without turning to the use of chemicals which face it can do more harm than good.

Here are the beauty tips that Japanese women recommend:

  1. Rice bran for skin nourishment

Rice bran powder is well known for its antioxidant properties and because of that has been used for years in skin exfoliation, toned and firm skin, and keeping a youthful appearance. It is easily available, every supermarket has it, but if you want you can prepare your own homemade rice-based mask.

For that purpose, you need to cook 3 large spoons of rice. Once they are cooked, strain the rice from the water and place it in a separate container. In the container add 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of organic honey. Mix everything nicely, and then use it onto your face. Leave it to dry out for a few minutes. After that, wash it off with the previously rice water.

  1. Following a healthy and balanced diet

What we eat reflects on our body and skin, therefore a healthy and balanced diet is the main basis for youthful appearance. Japanese diet is based on moderate consumption of fish, vegetable soup and rice as a side dish. These food products are packed with valuable nutrients boosting the overall health and the removal of toxins often accountable for inflammations of the skin. Plus, Japanese women frequently consume seaweed which is high in keratin that maintains healthy skin and shiny hair.

  1. The use of Azuki beans for exfoliation

Azuki beans have been used for centuries in Japan due to their nutritional value and for exfoliation purposes. They are being ground or crushed into small grains, and thus used as exfoliation mask which improves acne-prone skin and decreases fine lines. They are rich in saponin which tightens the pores and effectively and gently cleanses the skin.

Here it is how to prepare a scrub mask from these beans: ground or crush ½ cup of Azuki beans and then put them in a jar in a cool place. After a few hours, take a spoon from this powder and combine it with water. Apply the resulting paste on your face with circular motions for around 2 minutes. For optimal results, use this exfoliation mask once a week.

  1. Green tea

This tea reveals powerful detoxifying properties which are very beneficial for the skin. Green tea has the ability to treat and prevent many health issues due to the polyphenol content, including catechin. Plus, it is a great remedy for skin issues as a result of the prolonged exposure to the sun. Its use will protect the skin from the caused damage and fight against inflammation.

  1. Camellia oil

This natural vegetable oil is highly beneficial for the overall health. Its use, whether as a cooking ingredient or as a cosmetic product, can boost the body’s immunity and contribute to proper hydration of the hair or dry skin.

  1. Frequent baths

Having a hot bath in the evening is a Japanese beauty ritual which helps in muscle relaxation, removal of retention and support of blood circulation. This ritual relaxes your body, but as well as assists in your beauty care like body exfoliation and the use of beneficial skin masks. Therefore, we recommend using this baths before going to bed, and for skin moisture make sure to use essential oils.



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