10 Plants That Bring Luck and Positive Energy to the House

Plants are something that nature has offered in abundance, but there are plants that can be extremely beneficial for the area where we reside like our home or office.

These plants can bring positive energy and eliminate all the bad waves present in our home. This will bring peace and tranquility in our home thus promoting well-being.

Follow reading and find out what plants are extremely beneficial according to the Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui – An Ancient Chinese Art

This Chinese art is based on the Yin and Yang in our life. It has become very popular in the Western culture as well and many designers implement it in the decorations of our homes.

The Feng Shui refers to energy with the word “chi” which reflects the movement of energy in an interior space. As per the principles of Feng Shui the energy should not be closed in one piece, but it should circulate freely and because of that this art favors open traffic axes. As per the art of Feng Shui or the “chi” open spaces should be introduced in our homes which can be achieved by arranging the rooms so that they are connected to each other. In this arrangement symbols and colors take a great role. In this art are also included the plants which are very beneficial for the space that surrounds us. The Feng Shui art favors ten plants which are excellent agents in the purification of space.

As per the biologist and expert in Feng Shui, Christine Fageot, plants represent a symbol of health with a wide range of benefits on “chi”. In addition to this, a conducted study by NASA showed that the presence of some plants can lower the presence of harmful chemical components like formaldehyde which is found in many cleaning products, wood or cigarette smoke.

10 Purifying Plants for Your Home

  1. The lily of peace

This plant is well recognized for its purifying features and because of that has the ability to lower harmful gases in your home. It should be kept in a shade in your room or office, and it will produce positive waves and create a relaxing and positive atmosphere.

  1. The Palm Tree

This plant grows really high and because of that it is the best natural separator of spaces without completely closing them so that the energy flows freely. Plus, it can lower the presence of formaldehyde in homes.

  1. Rosemary

You are all familiar with rosemary due to its amazing culinary features, but it is an incredible plant for your home as well because it promotes a healthy environment. According to a conducted study not only this plant can lower the presence of toxins in the air, but as well as promotes good night sleep and boosts our memory.

  1. Orchid

Orchid is considered one of the most beautiful flowers which are commonly given for special occasions. This flower offers incredible scent, but as well as positive energies. You should place this plant in your bedroom due to its ability to produce oxygen during the whole night.

  1. The Lucky bamboo

In Asia Lucky bamboo represents luck and good fortune. This plant is not adamant for keeping, all it needs is little maintenance and light. Therefore, keep it in your home in a glass container with a little water.

  1. The Jade Tree

The jade tree is well recognized under the name of “the money tree” and in Feng Shui represents prosperity. You should have one at your home and does not require a lot of maintenance; it can survive even without frequent watering.

  1. The Ficus

Ficus reveals strong purifying properties and can successfully decrease the presence of ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene in your home.

  1. The African violet

This flower is known for its round-shaped petals which resemble the coins, and in Chinese culture this plant is a symbol of wealth. The Feng Shui art associates the purple color of this plant with energy and prosperity.

  1. Climbing ivy

This plant can also lower the presence of formaldehyde in the home like the one that evaporates from carpets and paint on the walls. The specific shape of the plant symbolizes union and homogeneity and because of that it is the ideal plant for young couples.

  1. Lemon Tree

This tree is commonly positioned in the kitchen and it is a symbol of abundance and richness thanks to its fruit properties. It is very easy to keep, eliminates the pollutants that surround us and produces oxygen back.



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