Here’s Why You Should Pour Some Salt into Your Sink

Salt is a staple food ingredient in many dishes, but did you know that you can use it for other purposes as well like for certain housework issues.

Your sink must be clogged from time to time due to the buildup of waste and in order to use the suction cup we suggest you a simple trick of pouring salt into your sink.

In order to boost the effect it can get combined with baking soda that can effectively clean the sink drain and the pipes. This simple trick will clear the sink form clogged hair or leftover food.

Salt and Baking soda

The combination of both ingredients will provide you with asimple, economical and effective way to purify your pipes and fight against bad odors in your kitchen.

You need to combine a quarter cup of salt and a quarter cup of baking soda in a container. Mix everything nicely and then pour this mixture into the pipes. Next, include half a cup of vinegar into the sink and very soon foamwill appear at the sink drain. This is a chemical reaction which is a normal thing due to the combination of the 3 elements. Wait for 15 minutes. Meantime, heat a pan of water and then pour it into the drain hole when the 15 minutes have passed. The use of water will eliminatethe residues of salt and baking soda in the sink.

This technique can be used for the bathtub as well.

Other Uses of Salt in Your Home

  1. Removes egg stains on the floor

It can happen to any of us dropping an egg on the floor, and its gooey consistency will make it difficult to clean. In order to quickly clean it you should use salt on the place where your egg dropped, and very quickly you will remove it from the floor.

  1. Cleans the stubborn fat from your pan

This is the most difficult task especially when the fat is being heavily accumulated on the pan. This method can be also applied on the stove and clean it perfectly. Put a large amount of salt on the kitchen utensil you intend to clean and then pour water. Let it stand for 10 minutes. The mixture of salt and water can loosen up all greasy substances present on the pan or stove. After that clean the utensil with a sponge.

  1. Stops a fire on a stove

If your stove gets in flames, no need for panic, just pour salt in large quantities. The sodium in the salt will act as a catalyst and stop the flames. This is very useful technique because it can prevent a fire or a possible burn.

  1. Eliminates stains from your bathtub

Your bathtub just like the kitchen utensils can be affected by stubborn stain and you can try many products and still did not get the wanted results. The use of salt can come really handy. Here it is how to perform that: mix a large cup of salt with some turpentine, but while mixing the solution make sure to wear gloves and leave the window wide open. Mix both ingredients by using a wooden spatula till it is smooth. There can be appearanceof odor as a result of this mixture. Use the resulting mixture on the stubborn stains of your bathtub, and they will disappear a few minutes later.

  1. Clean sponge

The sponge that we use for dishwashing or other purposes can get easily too oily or dirty, and the common cleaning is with the use of dishwashing liquid. But, the salt will be more effective and for that purpose fill a container with 2 cups of water and then pour ¼ cup of salt. Mix it with a wooden spatula and then place the sponge in the contents of the container during a whole night. The following day, the sponge will be clear of the stubborn impurities.

  1. Removesthe stuck dirt on the iron

The use of salt will prevent the formation of dirt on your iron. For that purpose, sprinkle a pinch of salt on par-refined paper or newspaper and then place it on the heating part of the iron. Start moving the iron in various directions, and the salt will act as a cleaner and eliminate the stubborn stains on your iron.


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