Here’s How to Get Rid of All Bed Bugs Without Using Any Chemicals

Bed bugs are really nasty creatures with which we all share our beds with. But, there is a natural way how we can eliminate them for good. So, next time when we are going to bed we will be sure that we are not sharing the bed with these pests.

Bed bugs are in this world for thousands of years and they are everywhere, in the furniture, vehicles, public transport, hotels, motels, and so on. Therefore, they can easily stick on us and thus transfer them in our homes as well.

In shape adult bed bugs are oval and resemble the ticks. They are having brown color and can grow about half an inch in size. Although most of you believe that they have wings, in fact they don’t.

They thrive on animal and human blood by biting our skin similar to the mosquito bites, and can suck up six times more blood than their actual weight.They can live in almost any condition, reproduce very quickly, and can survive without food for 400 days.

You may think that it is impossible to have bed bugs in a clean home, but it is most likely as they love clean places and are very active during nighttime.

Once you realize that you are being attacked by bed bugs the first thing that comes to your mind is to immediately throw away your mattress. But, you do not have to do that anymore if you follow the tips below in the text.

Moreover, scientists have proven that bed bugs don’t carry diseases, and do not pose a threat to our health.

Nonetheless, you will surely want to get rid of them and keep them far away from your home. The common procedure of their removal is calling the chemical exterminators which may solve this issue, but these bugs easily develop resistance to chemicals which makes it very difficult to completely eliminate them.

No need for despair, as you are not the only person that has to deal with bed bugs, in fact millions of people all around the world are in constant fight with them. However, there is an efficient extermination plan that can help you to free your home from bed bugs for good.

Bed Bug Extermination Guideline

Step 1: Carefully check your home    

If the bed bugs are detected early the extermination plan will be very successful and your home will be free of bed bugs. This early detection is the base in each extermination plan. In the case of bed bugs you need to use a mirror and a flashlight because these awful creatures are ultra tiny making them impossible to see. However, their common residence is the bed frames and mattresses. Therefore, start from these places.

Pay attention to box springs of your bed, carefully check the mattress and make sure to lift it to check the area below. Go through every crack and seam. Then, check the cracks and crevices of the bed frames. If you can, dismantle them.

If there is excrement, brown spot or smudges that look pretty much like dried blood, then for sure you are dealing with bed bugs. Opt for the best natural method and thus destroy bed bugs. If there are no smudges, then step 9 is all you need.

Step 2: Eliminate any visible bugs

The ones that you can see remove them with a business card, sticky tape or by using a vacuum cleaner. Choose whatever method suits you, but make sure that it is efficient,

Step 3: Wash everything on your bed

This means every sheet, pillow, blanket, stuffed animal, in fact everything that is on or near the bed. Dry them on the hot cycle in order to eliminate any remaining bed bugs and eggs.

Step 4: Freezing

If the washing is an issue for you, you can as well as freeze the items on your bed. Just place them in your freezer and each bed bug will be killed as low temperatures are as deadly as high temperatures for them.

Step 5: Utilize a vacuum cleaner

Regularly vacuum your mattress, bed frame, the crevices of your headboard and the carpet. Use most powerful suction option on your vacuum cleaner. Make certain to throw away the vacuum bag immediately outside your house.

Step 6: Use essential oils

The combination of orange, cedar, and tea tree essential oil is ideal in keeping away bed bugs as they do not like them. Just combine these oils and some water, and use the solution to spray the bed.

Step 7: Remove the clutter around your beds

Bed bugs like to hide and if the clutter is gone they will have no place to hide anymore. Remove the clutter and nicely clean all the mentioned spots as before explained and thereby get free of these awful creatures.

Step 8: Try Diatomaceous Earth

This ingredient is something that bed bugs really hate. It shows a wide range of uses and professional exterminators use it in almost all cases. What you need to do is to sprinkle some of it on the mattress, bed frame, and the carpet. Have in mind while doing it to always wear a dust mask. In the end, vacuum up any excess of the product.

Step 9: Tips for bed bugs prevention

Prevention is always the best cure for everything in life. Extermination is expensive and no one likes to stay in a sprayed room. Therefore, it is best to take some precaution measures like the following tips and thus avoid all the stress that this infestation in your home can cause.

  1. First of all, when buying a mattress, buy also a bed bug-proof mattress encasement. Believe us, they are worth every dime, and thanks to their use you will be free of bed bugs and dust mites.
  2. Make sure that your bed bugs have no hiding spots, and because of that by placing sealant or caulk on every joint and crack in your bed frames and headboards you will easily eliminate them.
  3. The easiest and the least expensive way to detect, and as well as prevent bed bugs is setting up a few bed bug traps under the bed legs. This is an efficient way to prevent the chaos that they can cause. Check the traps as often as possible, and carefully check the bed and everything that surrounds it for the presence of any bed bugs, just like in Step 1.

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