Recipe of a Very Effective Natural Cleaning Agent to Clean the Bathroom without Chlorine

Cleaning the bathroom is probably the most tedious task that we need to do. The bathroom is easily affected by mildew and dirt and because of that in most cases it is difficult to clean which makes it even more unpleasant for most of the people.

The commonly used commercial cleaning products are packed with dangerous chemicals which can harm our health. There are natural ways of cleaning the grout and tiles from mildew and dirt, and in this article we shall reveal one to you.

Recipe of a Natural Effective Cleaning Agent

Needed things:

  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 cup of liquid soap
  • 1 empty spray bottle
  • A clean cloth


Start with heating the white vinegar for 3 minutes, and after that transfer it into a spray bottle. Next, add the liquid soap, and start shaking it in order to nicely combine all the included ingredients.

Use this mixture to spray the bathroom tiles and for that matter all bathroom surfaces that need to be cleaned. Let the sprayed mixture act for a minute and after that wipe the surface with a cloth.

This mixture can successfully clean and disinfect porcelain toilets and sinks.

Thanks to the use of this cleaning agent your bathroom will be shiny, clean, and refreshed.

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