7 Things That Prolong the Marriage – Scientifically Proven

It is very difficult to find the true love of your life, but it is more difficult to keep it. The marriage is the crown of the love of both partners. No matter how idealistic it may seem in the beginning every married couple knows how much devotion and effort it needs to sustain a marriage especially if you want to keep the flame. But, there are ways which can help you with that, here it is what scientists have found out:

How to prolong your marriage?

Do not have too expensive wedding ceremony

Researchers at the Emory University conducted a study which confirmed this statement. It was revealed that couples who had a wedding ceremony with a bill over $16,000 divorced three and a half times more than from the couples who spent between 4,000 and 8,000 $. So, the conclusion is: do not spend so much money on the ceremony and that way the chances of getting a divorce are lower.

Internet dating

According to the study released in the magazine of the National Academy of Sciences couples who have met on a website are happier and divorce less from the ones who met otherwise.

Once you are married minimize the spent time on social networks

Even if you found your partner on the internet, once you are together or married focus more on your partner at home and not on the social networks. According to a study released at the University of Boston, spending too much time on these networks can threaten the survival of the marriage and thus produce a higher divorce rate. You should spend more time on your partner and in that way your relationship will be happier.

Watch movies together

Spending time together while watching movies is a great way for fortifying the bond between the partners. According to a released study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, couples who have habit to watch movies together and later on discuss the characters and the story show lower divorce rate. This talk about the sentimental relationship of the fictional characters turns out to be helpful as in that way partners are talking more openly about their own relationship. This discussion about the movie characters is a great way to start certain topics and talk calmly about them.

Listen to your partner’s repeated comments

If your partner is repeatedly interrupting you while you are busy, then this means that he or she needs your attention. Therefore, do not ignore him and her and pay a close attention to what he or she has to say. The psychologist John Gottman states that couples who pay attention to each other divorce less which is not the case with the partners who ignore each other.

The word “We” in an argument makes a difference

As per a conducted study at the University of California partners who avoid the words “I”, “me” in an argument are more likely to solve their problems. The “we” is a strong word as when partners use it every form of selfishness or blame is being erased.

Share passions

The relationship will become stronger if both partners share the same passion. Even if you do not have one you can try to find together which one suits you best. In this way you are spending more time together being happy about the things that interest both of you.

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