Extremely Simple and Easy Japanese Morning Diet That Sheds Pounds Easy and Fast!

In the book “The morning banana diet”, Hitoshi Watanabe has revealed his morning regime which included consuming bananas every morning. This book has become immediately extremely popular all around the world. The diet he presented is extremely simple and easy, and it doesn’t require from you to make changes in your dietary habits. You will need to consume bananas every morning and drink lots of water.

Hitoshi alongside with his wife (pharmacist), Sumiko, managed to find the best way to lose weight. They have created the method “Morning Banana Diet” which has helped many people around the world to lose weight and burn fat very fast.

This method includes consuming every morning 1 banana and afterwards immediately drinking 1 glass of water. After this you shouldn’t consume anything until lunch.

Bananas are extremely rich with resistant starch which is great for losing weight. Once the process of fermentation starts it will directly enter the large intestine and converts into fatty acids by bacteria. This process actually feeds the cells and stimulates the proper function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also it is important to mention that you are allowed to consume as many bananas as you want in order to feel full for longer period of time. In fact, for instance Japanese don’t want to overload their stomach and instead they follow the rule 80/20 which means filling the stomach 8 parts for themselves, and 2 parts for the doctor. Due to these reasons they consume 80% of their meal.

You should consume raw bananas and afterwards you should wait for 20 minutes. In case you still feel hungry you should eat one more. Drinking water is important because it stimulates the metabolism.

Once you are on diet regimen you shouldn’t drink any alcohol and milk, and you should definitely avoid eating after 8pm. If you consume after this time you might experience sleep deprivation in weight loss. On the other hand, make sure that you go to sleep before midnight, and for dinner and lunch feel free to consume whatever you like. It is best to eat some fruits in between.

These are the effects that this regimen will provide, as well as the health benefits:

  1. Bananas are rich with fiber and potassium
  2. They contain lots of nutrients that improve the overall health
  3. Boosts your immune system and metabolism
  4. Reduces food cravings
  5. Reduces cellulite
  6. They are affordable for everyone

Also it is important to mention that this method is great for boosting your energy levels, regulating the blood sugar, and improves the metabolism.


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